Busy Month Ahead For TKO & Johnny Eames – New Gym, New Signings & Fights Galore

Johnny Eames flanked by new signings Michael O'Rourke (L) and Danny Arnold (R) at the new Champions TKO Gym

Johnny Eames flanked by new signings Michael O’Rourke (L) and Danny Arnold (R) at the new Champions TKO Gym

Busy Month Ahead For TKO & Johnny Eames – New Gym, New Signings & Fights Galore

It’s been a rather busy start to the New Year for the ever hardworking Johnny Eames and his entire TKO crew, whilst most of us took time off to enjoy the Christmas and New Year festivities, not so for Team TKO, who were busy at work, either with the rebranding and a move to new facilities for the famous TKO gym, or preparing for upcoming fights.

The gym, which had been based in Canning Town for the past eight years, has now relocated to Hackney and has been rebranded as the Champions TKO Boxing Gym.


With such a major project to undertake over the holiday season you would expect that some other elements of the multi-disciplined TKO would be put on the back burner, but no, Johnny has been as active as ever in signing new boxers, as well as burning the midnight oil getting fights for his stable of boxers, or negotiating Championship fights for the senior prospects in the squad.


When he finally found a spare few minutes, in between the seemingly never ending stream of phone calls, the affable Mr. Eames spoke briefly about the major changes, his exciting new signings, as well as the upcoming fights for his charges.


“Exciting times, it’s been hard work, but I’m sure it will all be worth it.


There’s still a lot of work to do with the gym, at the moment we’re only using half the floor space available, so we’re only training the pros there until we get to knock through to the other unit, then and only then when the gym’s completely finished will we start operating it full time.


The change of location has done us a big favour, we’ve got rid of a lot of the dead wood we had around us, now we have a really good strong team here, there’s myself, Rio (Gianluca Di Caro) and Mehmet Aba on the I suppose management side, if you can call it that as it’s the running and marketing of everything.


On the coaching team side, we have Brian O’Shaughnessy, Mo Hussein, Brian Lawrence, Mark Lowe, Mark Reefer, Larry Edwards, Dave Butcher, Mehmet Aba and of course myself.


As I’m going to concentrate mainly on boxers management and coaching, if any fighters out there are looking for management or coaching, they should give me a call.


Talking about management, we’ve just had two first class young former amateur stars sign with us, the first is Mickey O’Rourke, who used to box for Dale Youth, he’s a very good fighter and I really do think this kid is going to go all the way, he’ll cause a few upsets along the way.


The other is young Danny Arnold, he’s nineteen years of age and has won everything there is to win in the juniors and I mean everything.


He’s an absolute natural talent, I put him right up there with the natural abilities of our Kevin Lear.


Only his application is all wrong at the moment, he’s going to be a challenge but I’m looking forward to the challenge and if I can make this kid train right we’ve got a Champion for definite.


Fighters wise, we have seven out in quick succession, it all kicks off this week with four of the TKO boys out at York Hall on Friday, the 30th January.


From the gym itself, we have Onder and Siar Ozgul, they’re both good boys, Siar steps up for his first six rounder and Onder remains on a four for this fight.


They’re always crowd pleasing boys, always bring a good crowd to the table and I’m sure it will be a good night for the boys.


Also on this show is Antonio Counihan, who is probably the jewel in the crown of the TKO fighters, this kid is outstanding, he’s not trained by us here at the TKO, but he’s managed by myself and is probably the jewel in the crown as I said.


He’s got everything, absolutely everything, what’s more he’s got a great team around him in his dad and Jon Pegg.


He always brings a big crowd down with him and always puts on a great performance.


After this fight we’ll probably have him fight for a title, probably MBC International or similar, so let’s see how it goes, either way I’m really looking forward to it.


Also on this show Tasif Khan will be making his maiden outing under the TKO banner, he’s totally new to us, I haven’t seen him fight yet, he’s been out of the game for a couple of years, but he’s got a decent record and if enthusiasm wins titles then this kid’s already a Champion, because he drives me mad on the phone wanting to know everything, which is good, I like that in a fighter.


He’s seven and one, but as I say I’ve never seen him fight so can’t judge him on ability, but what I can comment on is if he fights as good as his enthusiasm then he’s a very good fighter and with seven good wins under his belt already am sure he is.


Tickets for the 30th January York Hall show are available on our Box Office, so if anyone fancies a real good night out on Friday, go to the TKO gym website or the TKO Box Office website


Next up we have Tommy Martin, who has an English title fight against Ricky Boylan coming up on the big Matchroom show at the O2.


It’s a tough 50/50 fight, it’s a fight I believe Tommy can win, otherwise I wouldn’t have put him in it.


I have a lot of respect for Ricky, as he was once a TKO fighter, you don’t expect easy fights when you’re at this level, so obviously it is going to be a tough fight, but I’m pretty sure Tommy will come through the winner.


Also on the 02 show on the 31st is Charlie Edwards, who will be making his highly anticipated debut.


Big things are expected from this kid, it’s our job at the TKO to keep this kids feet firmly on the ground and make sure he does his job right.


If training wins titles, then this kid is a World champion already, he just doesn’t stop training, he totally lives and loves the game.


He’s got a great trainer in Brian O’Shaughnessy, he’s doing a fantastic job with him and from my side it’s an honour to be part of young Charlie’s journey.


Next up on the 7th February, is our debutant, Mickey O’Rourke, who will be fighting on the Mickey Helliet show at the Camden Centre.


I’m really, really excited about signing Mickey, I’ve not been that excited about a new kid’s debut since Kevin Lear days, I really do rate this kid, I really do believe this kid is going to go a long, long way, in the boxing game and I’m certain he’s going to be a big ticket seller, he has a big family and I’m looking forward to meeting them all.


We’ve also got a few boys out in March, Freddie Turner, Joel McIntyre as well as some of the boys I’ve already mentioned, I won’t say too much yet as I’m sure Rio will be putting out interviews and releases on these nearer the time, but will say I’m really excited about the coming year, we’ve got some big plans, as well as big fights for our boys, and girl, this year, can’t wait.”


For further information on Champions TKO Boxing Gym and their stable of boxers, please see the website also please follow on Facebook and on twitter @ChampionsTKO.

Five Go Mad At York Hall – Sensational Victories For TRAD TKO Fighters Last Saturday.

Marianne Marston celebrates her first Championship success - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Marianne Marston celebrates her first Championship success – Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Five Go Mad At York Hall – Sensational Victories For TRAD TKO Fighters Last Saturday.

TRAD TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town has always had a reputation for coaching some of the most exciting prospects in the UK, last Saturday at York Hall in Bethnal Green, five of their young stars were in action, each not just winning but winning in style – TRAD TKO style.

Winning is in the blood of any of boxer trained at the famous East End fight factory, but on Saturday the TRAD TKO crew took it to another level and added yet another Champion to their ever growing list of Merit.

TRAD TKO’s very own ‘Golden Girl’ Marianne Marston headlined the event, when she challenged Hungarian #1, European #3 and World #31 ranked Marianna Gulyas for the MBC International Super Bantamweight Championship.

Marianne Marston in action at York Hall - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Marianne Marston in action at York Hall – Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Marianne, who is trained by Brian O’Shaughnessy, pulled out one of the performances of the year, completely out boxing her more experienced opponent from start to finish, as well as sending Gulyas to the canvas seven times, although the referee only counted two as actual knockdowns.

Judges Ben Doughty and Matt Hamilton scored the bout 100-89 and Judge Lee Murtagh 99-88 all in favour of Marianne

This excellent victory shot Marston up the rankings to UK #1, European #3, World #24 as well as #1 British Pound for Pound Female, all of which puts her nicely in line for a shot at a World title in 2015.

In fact Marianne had already come to the attention of the WIBA World Champion, Australia’s Shannon O’Connell, whose team recently made a tentative approach for Marianne to challenge for the coveted crown, so it could be sooner rather than later that the ‘Golden Girl’ heads to the World stage.

Antonio Counihan in action at York Hall - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Antonio Counihan in action at York Hall – Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Former England amateur captain, Antonio Counihan, who is trained by his father Paul, made his first step towards Championship honors, when he competed in his first six rounder, against Lithuania’s Janos Vass.

A classy, stylish boxer young Antonio really shined on Saturday, easily controlling his more experienced opponent with stiff jabs and sensationally quick double handed flurries.

In the third round Antonio’s skills and power proved to be too much for Vass, as his corner threw in the towel on the one minute and fifty seconds mark to save their man from further punishment.

Fight of the Night though has to go to another of the gym’s young stars, former Commonwealth Lightweight Champion Mo Hussein coached Siar Ozgul, who had a Battle Royale with Nottingham’s Matt Scriven.

Siar Ozgul in action against Matt Scriven at York Hall - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Siar Ozgul in action against Matt Scriven at York Hall – Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

What a fight, it was all action back and forth with some great toe to toe action thrown in for good measure.

After four scintillating rounds referee Lee Murtagh scored it 39-37 in favour of TRAD TKO’s Siar, the correct verdict but that doesn’t really express just how great the fight was or how close each round was.

Siar’s older sibling Onder Ozgul, who is also coached by Mo Hussein, was also involved in an all action thriller, when he took on late replacement Remigijus Ziausys in a four rounder.

It was a cracking fight that had the crowd on it’s feet for virtually the entire four rounds, it was that exciting, a great closely fought bout that see Onder emerge victorious by a shut out 40-36 points margin, however as with his brother’s bout the scoring doesn’t show the whole picture, this was another seriously close fought bout, many of the rounds could have gone either way, it was that good.

The final TRAD TKO youngster on the card, Brian O’Shaughnessy coached Cruiserweight Jerome Haywood, made his professional debut, against the highly experienced Rolandas Cesna.

Jerome started slowly but once the nerves subsided put in a fantastic performance, scoring his maiden victory by a 40-38 points margin.

TRAD TKO head honcho Johnny Eames sounded more like a proud father when he spoke earlier about his fighters successes.

“We’re so proud of every single one of them, they proved they can battle it out when they need to, each and everyone of them done us proud.

Well, when I first met her I may not have a been a fan of Women boxing but Marianne soon changed that.

She put in a magnificent performance on Saturday and we’re all so proud of her, she deserved this, she’s always in the gym and always up for a fight.

It didn’t take her long to become the flag bearer for female boxers, not just at the gym but in the UK full stop.

What can I say about Antonio, this kid is a super star in waiting, we really need to be moving him on to bigger and better things.

On Saturday he proved beyond any doubt he’s ready to start eyeing up title fight opportunities next year.

The fighting brothers, Onder and Siar have proved to me they too are ready to step up to six rounders, they both fought magnificently on Saturday, they really proved they can hold their own with the toughest of fighters.

Our newest pro, Jerome Haywood, made a fantastic start to his career. Cesna was a late replacement and a lot heavier than Jerome, but he showed he can handle whatever is thrown at him, great start, we’re all really pleased for him.

We have a great team and a great squad here at the TRAD TKO, it really is exciting times for us.”

Marston Dominates Gulyas To Secure MBC International Title

MarstonGulyas6277WEBREADYMarston Dominates Gulyas To Secure MBC International Title

Woolwich, London’s Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston utterly dominated proceedings, when she fought Hungarian #1, European #3 and World #31 ranked Marianna Gulyas to secure the vacant MBC International Super Bantamweight title, at York in London, England on Saturday night.

From start to finish it was the slick British southpaw that took the fight to her much more experienced opponent, aggressively going forward, utilizing her sharp jabs and stinging lefts to great effect, Marston appeared to be able to pick off her opponent at will, leaving Gulyas to defend on the retreat.

Gulyas visited the canvas seven times throughout the fight, however only twice did referee, Germany’s Alf Sprung, deem the visits to be knock downs, the others he waved off as slips or pushes.

There was a rather scary incident in the eighth. Marston was throwing big lefts as she backed Gulyas onto the ropes, one of these sent the Hungarian of balance, forcing her to grab the forward marching Marston, in doing so Gulyas went backwards through the ropes as well as pulling the Londoner face down, out of the ring and onto the officials table.

Luckily neither protagonist received any injuries from the incident and both were able to continue to see the fight out to the end.

After ten rounds of excellent boxing from Marston the highly vociferous crowd at the famous home of boxing in the Capital city were clearly overjoyed when the judges scorecards were read out, as was Marston and her team.

Judges Ben Doughty (UK) and Matt Hamilton (South Africa) scored the bout 100-89 and judge Lee Murtagh (UK) scorecard read 99-88 all in favour of Marianne Marston.

Following being presented with the BoxFit UK sponsored MBC International Championship belt – by supervisor Dave Smith, MBC International title bout sponsor Baz Rehman and Melissa Lewars who represented sponsor JT Clarke London Limited – Marston said.

MarstonGulyas6261WEBREADY“I’m speechless really, I can’t put into words how I feel right now.

I owe so much to so many people, without them I would never have been here fighting for a title.

I’m dedicating the fight to two people Joe Frazier and Rio (Gianluca Di Caro), they are my inspiration, they both believed in me from day one.

Unfortunately Joe passed away and couldn’t be here to see me win, but I feel that he was here in spirit and hope that he is pleased with how I fought.

Rio is right here, as always supporting me and this victory is for him, but he’ll have to share it with my coach Brian O’Shaughnessy, my sparring partners Ian ‘Dappa’ Napa, Sunny Edwards, Sonia Dlay and Irema, my manager Johnny Eames and of course my wonderful promoter Dave Murphy as without them this day would never have happened.

I also have to say a huge thank you to Malta Boxing Commission and MBC International, my wonderful sponsors Optimax, BoxFit and JT Clarke London, my gym mates Billy Joe Saunders, Darren Hamilton, Tommy Martin, Joe Stevens, Ian Bailey and Freddie Turner, who have been so supportive, as has the lovely Wadi Camacho and Charlie Edwards.

More than anything I have to say a huge thanks to my supporters, they are the best in the world, thank you for everything, not just buying tickets and coming to see me fight but your wonderful messages of support.

I’m sorry if I have forgotten anyone, it’s not intentional, I can’t believe I am the MBC International Champion, it’s a dream come true.”

For further information on the MBC International Championship please visit – follow MBC International Champion on Facebook and Twitter

Marston-Gulyas Weights & Quotes From London

GulyasMarstonMBCBelt6074Marston-Gulyas Weights & Quotes From London

The weigh-in for the Marianne Marston versus Marianna Gulyas, for their MBC International Super Bantamweight Championship bout at York Hall in London on Saturday evening, took place earlier today at the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town, London.



“I really can’t wait for tomorrow, everything has gone perfectly throughout the camp, I’m feeling stronger and fitter than I have for a long time.”



“Looking forward to tomorrow – I’m ready to fight”

GulyasMarston6071Marianne Marston versus Marianna Gulyas, for the MBC International Super Bantamweight Championship, headlines the Dave Murphy Acourtier Events promoted CAPITAL PUNISHMENT event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 25th October.

Tickets, priced £35 (Standard Seated) and £60 (Ringside) are available direct from the TRAD TKO Gym, on-line at or call 07960 850645.

Marianne Marston title fight promo video, featuring Trapt

Hip Hop Stars LIMITLESS & Former Champ Hamilton To Perform At York Hall Boxing Event This Saturday.

LIMITLESSHip Hop Stars LIMITLESS & Former Champ Hamilton To Perform At York Hall Boxing Event This Saturday.

Canning Town Hip Hop stars LIMITLESS are to make a personal appearance at the Dave Murphy Acourtier Events promoted CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Championship Boxing event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London this coming Saturday.

The Limitless crew, who have been regulars at the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town, since filming the video for their hit ‘Hold It Down’ at the gym back in 2012 –

Their appearance on the Capital Punishment event came about completely by accident, after Eren and Luke from the band were at the gym during the filming of a documentary about TRAD TKO’s Marianne Marston, who headlines the October 25th event.

Whilst there Eren and Luke met with Marianne’s promoter Dave Murphy, who asked them if they would be interested in doing a personal appearance on the show, no surprise as they are big boxing fans Eren and Luke agreed in an instant.

Coincidently shortly before taking with Mr Murphy, Eren and Luke hit it off with former British Light Welterweight Champion Darren Hamilton – who is well known for his boxing based Rapping and a new alliance was born.

Darren Hamilton with the MBC Championship belt that gym mate Marianne Marston challenges for on Saturday

Darren Hamilton with the MBC Championship belt that gym mate Marianne Marston challenges for on Saturday

The upshot being that on Saturday night Darren will also make a guest appearance, performing a specially composed Rap song with the Limitless crew.

“Yeah we’re big boxing fans, that’s one of the reasons we shot the Hold It Down video at the TRAD TKO. We wanted an authentic feel and believe we got just that.

We’re really looking forward to performing on Saturday night, it’ll be a lot of fun and who knows, we may even get some new fans, plus we get to watch some boxing, you can’t get better than that.

It’s going to be an interesting set, of course we have to do Hold It Down, but I think the other tracks will have the right feel and hopefully set the tone for the night, exciting all action stuff.

Should be a lot of fun with Darren (Hamilton), he’s a great guy, laid back and a really clever rapper as well, so should be a lot fun.

Yeah, East End boys performing at a legendary East End venue in front of an East End crowd, it doesn’t get better than that.

Then after we perform we’ll have a great night cheering on the TRAD TKO boys to victory and of course cheering Marianne on to her winning the title, can’t wait, really looking forward to it.”

Boxing on CBSLimitless, featuring Darren Hamilton, will be performing some of their hits at the Dave Murphy Acourtier Events promoted CAPITAL PUNISHMENT event, which is headlined by the Baz Rehman sponsored Marianne Marston versus Marianna Gulyas MBC Internation title clash, which takes place at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, on Saturday, 25th October 2014.

Tickets, priced £35 (Standard Seated) and £60 (Ringside) are available from any of the boxers taking part, on-line at and – or call the ticket line on 07960 850645 or 07809 499896.

Go online to for additional information on the CAPITAL PUNISHMENT event or the Acourtier stable of boxers. Follow Acourtier Events on Twitter @AcourtierEvents – friend us at – and on LinkedIn:

Marston: World Title Shot Offer Makes Saturday’s Fight A Must Win Situation

MarianneMarston4530WEBREADYMarston: World Title Shot Offer Makes Saturday’s Fight A Must Win Situation

Just a few days before she steps in the ring to challenge Marianna Gulyas for the MBC International Super Bantamweight title, TRAD TKO’s Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston receives an invitation to challenge Australia’s reigning Women’s International Boxing Association (WIBA) Super Bantamweight World Champion Shannon O’Connell for her coveted crown.

If stepping in the ring with Hungarian #1, European #3 and World #31 ranked Marianna Gulyas in just four days time isn’t enough pressure for the British #1, the guarantee of an opportunity to challenge O’Connell, a two time World Champion, in February 2015 has just upped the anti for the ‘Golden Girl’ ahead of this Saturday’s title clash at the York Hall in Bethnal Green.

When told of the offer Marianne appeared to shrug the whole thing off, however when she spoke a little later it was clear that she is overjoyed, just that her focus is on Saturday’s MBC International title fight with Marianna Gulyas.

“It’s an honour to have been approached to fight Shannon, she’s a two time World Champion, one of, if not the best in the division, so of course I want the fight, I want to fight the best, I want to be World Champion.

The WIBA is the most prestigious of Women’s titles, not just because it is the longest established, but because it attracts the top fighters, I am truly honoured to be deemed a suitable challenger.

Without doubt the offer at a shot at Shannon’s title makes Saturday’s fight a must win situation, but in my eyes beating Marianna Gulyas on Saturday is already a must win situation for me.

Right now I’m focusing on just the one thing, being ready to fight and beat Marianna, I’m not just saying this but I really want to win the MBC International title more than anything in the World.

Once I have that belt in my possession, then and only then can I begin to contemplate any other fight.”

Marianne’s promoter, Dave Murphy, made it clear to WIBA president Ryan Wissow that should Marianne take up the challenge, he wants the fight to take place in the UK, to which Mr Wissow responded.

“I’m very excited about the WIBA possibly sanctioning our first fight in a Great Britain next year.

We pride ourselves as being a leader in this sport.
I know Shannon is up for any challenge, and Marianne wants this shot.
Hopefully this is the first of many fights we sanction in England.”

However as Marianne stated, first she has to beat Marianna Gulyas on Saturday night.

Boxing on CBSMarianne Marston versus Marianna Gulyas, for the MBC International Super Bantamweight Championship, headlines the Dave Murphy Acourtier Events promoted CAPITAL PUNISHMENT event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 25th October.

Tickets, priced £35 (Standard Seated) and £60 (Ringside) are available direct from the TRAD TKO Gym, on-line at or call 07960 850645.

Marianne Marston title fight promo video, featuring Trapt

Six Of The Best – Half Dozen TRAD TKO Boxers In Action At York Hall This Saturday

Boxing on CBSSix Of The Best – Half Dozen TRAD TKO Boxers In Action At York Hall This Saturday

With over forty pro boxers training at the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town, it should come as no surprise that some weekends there would be a number of their young stars in action, however this weekend it’s not the normal two or three, it’s six, what’s more they’re all fighting on the same event at York Hall on Saturday night.

The first TRAD TKO fighter to be in action on Saturday will be Hainult Cruiserweight Jerome Haywood, who will be making his professional debut against late replacement, Lithuania’s Rolandas Cesna.

Brian O’Shaughnessy trained Haywood will have some extra help in his corner, no less than former British and European Cruiserweight Champion Terry Dunstan, who has been on hand to advise, as well as spar, throughout the Essex Boy’s fight preparations.

Barry Smith trained Manny Muhammad will be looking to make it three wins out of three outings on Saturday.

Back in March, Harrow based Muhammad scored a superb points victory, over previously unbeaten Vaidas Balciauskas, this win shot him up into the top half of the World rankings – after just the one fight!
In August Muhammad increased his ranking positon with another excellent points victory, over Ernestas Dapkus.

Former Commonwealth Champion Mo Hussein has a growing stable of fighters under his control at the TRAD TKO, two of whom, brothers Onder and Siar Ozgul, will be in action at York Hall this Saturday.

Onder, who has been dubbed ‘Little Mike’ by Turkish boxing fans – due to his fighting style being similar to that of Iron Mike Tyson – will be making his third pro outing on Saturday.

On his debut Onder scored a shut out points victory over Dmitrij Kalinovskij, he followed this up a month later with a first round stoppage of Brighton’s Iain Jackson.

On Saturday Onder was due to face Matthew Pepper, but unfortunately Pepper had to pull out – due his father being hospitalized with a serious illness – so unbeaten Karel Horejsek stepped in at late notice.

Younger sibling Siar, who is currently 4-0 after top class points victories over Michal Vosyka, Chris Jenkinson, Tomas Samusas and William Wharburton – has also built up a strong following due to his all action boxing style.

On Saturday night young Siar will face Nottingham’s Matt Scriven.
The highly rated, former Team England Amateur Captain, Antonion Counihan steps up to his first six rounder, against seriously tough Lithuanian Simas Volosinas.

Antonio, who is trained by his father Paul, scored three sensational wins – over Robin Deakin, Marcin Ficner and Tibor Szucs – since turning pro just one year ago, two of these wins came by way of stoppage, Deakin and Szucs, the other by a shut out points decision.

Headlining the CAPITAL PUNISHMENT event is another TRAD TKO star – British #1 Ranked (both Super Bantamweight & Pound-4-Pound) female boxer – Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston.

Marston, who is trained by Brian O’Shaughnessy, will be challenging Hungarian #1, European #3 and World #31 ranked Marianna Gulyas for the MBC International Super Bantamweight Championship.

Marston may have a little extra pressure going into this title showdown, as news has just filtered through that should she win on Saturday that she will get to challenge for the WIBA World Super Bantamweight Championship, against current Champion Australia’s Shannon O’Connell, early in 2015.

TRAD TKO head honcho Johnny Eames was clearly pleased to have so many of his charges in action this Saturday, as he said.

“It’s good to have so many of the boys, and girl, out this weekend.

It just goes to show the depth of talent we have here at the TRAD TKO, on Saturday we’ll have one fighter, Jerome, debuting, Manny and Onder making their third pro outings, Siar in his final four rounder, this kid is more than ready to step up now, of course one of the boys is already stepping up, Antonio does his first six rounder on Saturday and to top it all our Marianne will be headlining the event and fighting for a title.

Should be a great night of boxing, hopefully all our boys will keep their unbeaten records and Marianne will bring the belt home to the gym.”

Tickets, priced £35 (Standard Seated) and £60 (Ringside) for the Dave Murphy Acourtier Events promoted CAPITAL PUNISHMENT, at York Hall in Bethnal Green on Saturday 25th October, are available direct from any of the boxers, at the TRAD TKO Gym, on-line at or call 07960 850645.

Rock With Punch – Trapt ‘Bring It’ For Golden Girl’s Oct 25th Title Fight Promo Video

MarianneMarstonWEBREADYRock With Punch – Trapt ‘Bring It’ For Golden Girl’s Oct 25th Title Fight Promo Video

Multi Platinum selling Californian Rock band TRAPT have collaborated with British Professional boxer Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston, to create a joint promotional video for both their November UK tour and Marianne’s upcoming Championship fight, that takes place at York Hall in London on October 25th.

The video features Trapt powering their way through the sensational ‘Bring It’, from their 2013 Reborn album, interlaced with action from Marianne’s previous title fight.

The unusual collaboration came about when Marianne contacted Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown with a view to using ‘Bring It’, both for her upcoming fight promo video as well as her ring walk music on the night, Chris was more than happy to oblige, however he also hinted at something far removed from the standard boxing promo.

Sure enough Marianne loved the concept and on learning that Trapt were due to tour the UK, just a few weeks after her fight, suggested that the video could be used to promote the tour also, which peaked Chris’ interest.

Within days the band’s element of the video was sent to London, where footage of Marianne’s previous WBU European title fight against Hana Horacova was edited in to produce the promo video

TraptWEBREADYSpeaking from his home in California Chris said.

“Marianne is exactly the kind of competitor that “Bring It” talks about – Someone who is not afraid to show people that they will not be beaten.

As a huge fan of women’s boxing and boxing in general, it was an honor to have Marianne suggest coming together to make a new “Bring It” video to spread the word about her Oct 25 fight and Trapt’s upcoming UK Tour 16 Nov to 23 Nov!

The video is cut with footage of Marianne doing what she does best!”




25th October 2014 at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London

Information or tickets

Follow Marianne on Twitter @MarianneMarston



16th – Cavern, Exeter
17th – Static, Swansea
18th – Borderline, London.
19th – The Live Rooms, Chester
20th – Audio, Glasgow
21st – Queens Hall, Nuneaton
22nd- The Rafters, Maidstone
23rd – The Exchange – Bristol

Information on Trapt or tickets

Follow Trapt on Twitter @TRAPTOFFICIAL

Marston Suspends Title Fight Camp – For Charity Project, To Aid Ebola Sufferers in Africa.

MarianneMarston1292WEBREADYMarston Suspends Title Fight Camp – For Charity Project, To Aid Ebola Sufferers in Africa.

This coming Friday professional boxer Marianne Marston will be taking a day off from the training camp for her upcoming 25th October title fight, in order to take part in a project by Philanthropic artist Clare Newton for the Street Child Charity, that will raise much needed funds for Children in Sierra Leone and Liberia who are suffering due to the Ebola epidemic.

Clare previously photographed Marianne as part of her record breaking ‘Jump4London’ photographic project to celebrate the then impending London 2012 Olympics.


The Jump4London entered the record books as the biggest photo in the world following the installation of the largest, over a kilometer in length, composite photograph exhibition, consisting of 81,663 photographs, that was unveiled at the ExCel Arena on 1st June 2012.


Marianne clearly had an impact on Clare, as it was she that the Hackney based artist visualized as the Goddess Of Spring for her latest project, a giant montage, around fifty feet in height, which will feature Marianne and children from the Sarah Bonnell School in Stratford.


The giant image will then be auctioned at a Charity Gala event in November and the monies raised will provide the Street Child Charity with much need funding that will help children in Sierra Leone and Liberia who are suffering due to the outbreak of Ebola in those countries.


Following a training session, under the watchful eyes of her coach Brian O’Shaughnessy, at the TRAD TKO Gym in Canning Town, Marianne spoke of the upcoming photographic project she is to feature in.


“When I first got the call from Clare I was more than a bit hesitant, I mean I’m in the final weeks of my training camp for my title fight on October 25th, but after she explained that this was for the Street Children charity I jumped at the opportunity.


Hopefully this project will raise a large amount of money for the Street Child Charity, It’s a truly worthwhile charity that does wonderful work around the World helping children in need.


Children are the future, if there is any way we can help prevent suffering and unnecessary early mortality of young children we, all of us, should do something to help, so I am.


Holding a BSc (Hon) in Micro Biology I am aware of the levels of research, as well as the funding levels that are required to undertake the necessary research into the Ebola virus


Companies like America’s GeoVax Laboratories are already working on two vaccines, but this research will take a couple of years at least and unless there is enough funding even longer.


GeoVax are developing a vaccine against the ZEBOV strain of Ebola, which is responsible for the current outbreak, as well as another is being developed as a future routine immunisation to protect against the three known fatal strains of Ebola.


Hopefully Clare’s latest project will go some way to helping the Street Child Charity as well as raise awareness of the need to make enough funding available to companies like GeoVax.”


For further information on Marianne ‘ Golden Girl’ Marston, or for updates and schedule please go to: Web: – Twitter: @MarianneMarston and Facebook:





Street Child is a UK charity, established in 2008, that aims to create educational opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa.


Starting in Sierra Leone, then the poorest country in the world, Street Child have supported over 20,000 urban and rural children to access a quality education.


Street Child’s principal focus is upon empowering children by giving them the chance to go to school and giving their families the wherewithal to keep them there.


There have already been thousands of cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia, the two principal nations in which we work.


The governments of both nations have declared a State of National Emergency and are working towards containing the spread the disease within what is already a low capacity and culturally complex environment; their efforts are increasingly in desperate need of support.


Street Child’s actions have two key strands:


1. Humanitarian Response

Street Child are supporting the day-to-day, essential human needs of individuals and households whose lives and livelihoods have been terribly affected: either by Ebola itself; or by the effect of dramatic quarantine and other anti-Ebola measures and consequences. Typical support is through provisions as basic as dry rations and water.

The help that government and other international organisations and charities are providing is simply not enough to help all those that need it. The additional help Street Child provides is a vital lifeline for those receiving it.

  1. Raising Awareness

Ebola is entering and progressing in vulnerable communities through lack of information and non-acceptance of the basic facts about the virus and how to protect oneself from it. There is an urgent need for these vital messages to be spread.

In Sierra Leone, Street Child has a unique national presence, with active teams in nearly every major town as well as in many of the most remote parts of the country. This broad network gives Street Child the opportunity to reach, with the vital messages needed, many disparate high risk communities.

In Liberia, Street Child presence in West Point, one of the most affected parts of the capital, and in other parts of Monrovia, also provides a real opportunity to support the national awareness-raising effort.

As well as key information and advice on basic hygiene practices, Street Child is providing buckets, soap and chlorine to actually enable communities to take positive steps to increase hygiene and reduce prospects for the spread of the virus in their area.

Whilst the Street Child ongoing efforts are already helping to raise awareness in vulnerable areas, there is vital need across the board for this activity not to just to continue but to be scaled urgently; Street Child believe this is one of the keys to containing the spread of Ebola.

Street Child Ebola Appeal

To donate to the Street Child Ebola Appeal please go to

The Midas Touch – Trio Of TRAD TKO Stars In Championship Action

BillyJoeMarianneTommy0504WEBREADYThe Midas Touch – Trio Of TRAD TKO Stars In Championship Action

The TRAD TKO Gym in Canning Town, deep in the heart of London’s East End, is always a hive of activity, no surprise having over forty pro boxers based there, but this month it’s buzzing even more than usual, due to three of the stars that train there being in Championship action in the coming weeks.

The first to step into the hallowed square ring in search of another Championship accolade is St Neots, Cambs exciting twenty year old Light Welterweight Tommy ‘Da Gun’ Martin, who is set to take his first steps towards a major domestic title, when he faces Southampton’s Matty Tew in a BBBofC English title eliminator at the O2 Arena on Saturday 11th October.

Tommy, whose record stands at nine fights, nine wins, already holds a minor title – The British Masters Bronze at Welterweight, was recently signed to Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Sport.

Young Tommy made such an impact in his first fight under the Matchroom banner that the savvy Eddie Hearn has decided to move him into Championship contention immediately.

Just two weeks later, on the 25th October at York Hall in Bethnal Green, TRAD TKO’s very own ‘Golden Girl’, Super Bantamweight Marianne Marston, is back in Championship action once more.

Back in March Marianne was rather unlucky not to secure the WBU European Featherweight crown, losing out to Hungary’s #1 ranked Featherweight Hana Horacova by a close split points decision.

On October 25th Marianne, who is ranked #1 in the UK, #8 in Europe and #58 in the World, is once again set to challenge another tough opponent from Hungary, this time Hungarian #1, European #3 and World #31 ranked Super Bantamweight Marianna Gulyas, for the MBC International crown.

Joining Marianne on the Dave Murphy Acourtier Events promoter CAPITAL PUNISHMENT event are a number of TRAD TKO rising stars, including the sensational Antonio Counihan, the exciting ‘Fighting Turks’ Siar and Onder Ozgul, big punching Matar Sambou, former American Basketball star Manny Muhammad and last but not least, making his pro debut Jerome Haywood.

Just over a month later comes one of the most anticipated Domestic battles of the year, when Hatfield superstar Billy Joe Saunders puts at least two of his many titles on the line, when he faces Chris Eubank Jr. on the Frank Warren promoted BAD BLOOD event at the Excel Arena on Saturday 29th November.

Ranked #2 in the UK, #5 in Europe and #14 in the World and with the British, Commonwealth, European and WBO International Middleweight Championship belts nestling in his trophy cabinet, most pundits expected Billy Joe to be focusing on a World title shot, rather than defend at least two of his current accolades against a domestic opponent.

With that said, this is a fight that had to happen and as with Chisora-Haye it will happen and the true British King of the division will be crowned.

TRAD TKO head honcho, Johnny Eames said of the three upcoming title fights,

“It’s exciting times for everyone involved with the TRAD TKO Gym, it’s fights like these that we spend the hours in the gym for, every fighter wants to fight at least once for a title.

Starting with young Tommy Martin he’s been with us since he was eighteen, he always wants to be in the gym, he loves being in the gym, If he had his way he’d live and die in the gym.

That dedication has really paid of for him, we had both Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren want to sign him, he chose Eddie and now he has an English title eliminator.

Barry Smith has done a great job since taking over as Tommy’s coach, Tommy’s come on in leaps and bounds, he’s still only a youngster, but is maturing fight by fight, a victory on Saturday will be the icing on the cake.

I’d never been much of a fan of Women’s boxing, but that started to change not long after Marianne joined us a few years ago, now we have a growing Women’s squad.

Like Tommy, Marianne’s another one that is always in the gym, she’s there more than I am.

Brian O’Shaughnessy is doing a fantastic job with her, she’s fitter and stronger than ever, as proved in sparring recently.

She was very unlucky to lose back in March, I think it will be very different this time around, she’s shook off the injury now so we expect it to be a very different outcome on October 25th.

What can I say about Billy Joe, in my opinion he’s already one of the best boxers, if not the best, in the country, a genuine World class fighter.

I’m sure it wont be long before Jimmy and Mark (Tibbs) are preparing Billy Joe for a World title fight, but right now the focus is on Chris Eubank Jr.

It’s going to be a great fight, definitely one for the fans, I’m looking forward to it and Billy Joe bringing the belts back to the TRAD TKO again.

It really is exciting times here, besides these three Championship fights, in the coming weeks we should be announcing further title shots for some of our fighters, at least for Freddie Turner and Joel McIntyre, hopefully also for Ian Bailey and Andy Gatenby.

Finally I’d like to say a big thank you to Baz Rehman, who’s always been a big supporter of TRAD TKO and it’s fighters, for getting behind Marianne and sponsoring her title fight.”

Tickets for Tommy ‘Da Gun’ Martin versus Matty Tew English Light Welterweight Title Eliminator, at the O2 Arena on Saturday 11th October 2014, Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston versus Marianna Gulyas MBC International Super Bantamweight Championship, at York Hall, Bethnal Green on Saturday 25th October 2014 and Billy Joe Saunders versus Chris Eubank Jr. for the Commonwealth and European Middleweight Championships at the Excel Arena on Saturday 29th November are available direct from the TRAD TKO Gym, on-line at or call the Box Office on 07960 850645.