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Fight Report: Selby And O’Meara Retain Titles, Saunders and Turner Impress In Style.

by on Dec.15, 2011, under Fight Reports

Fight Report: Selby And O’Meara Retain Titles, Saunders and Turner Impress In Style.

Photos and Report by Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Frank Warren knows a thing or two about putting on a top class fight night and boy has he put some great shows on over the years. Usually his real all action extravaganzas are reserved for the bigger venues around the country, places like the O2, Excel, M.E.N., Echo Arena etc. however last night the King of British Boxing pulled out all the stops for a small hall show at the York Hall in Bethnal Green.

Heading up the classy lineup was Lee Selby’s first defense of the British and Commonwealth Featherweight straps he won back in September, with a fantastic eight round stoppage of Liverpool’s Stephen Smith.

Right from the off Selby went on the offensive, effectively using his jab to keep the super tough, and former holder of both titles, Simpson at bay. Each time the Scot made any move forward the Champ just stood his ground before throwing out a series of stiff jabs to push him back. Nice nonstop action opening round that was easy to score in Selby’s favour.

Second round was even livelier, Simpson just kept going forward, but as before Selby just resorted to his jab for the early part to thwart every move Simpson made. Frustration was already starting to settle in and by the end of the second minute Simpson started to throw some wild shots, problem was he left himself open to be picked off by some nice double handed counters. Another excellent round for the Champion.

More of the same in the third, Simpson’s shots were getting even wilder and again were leaving him open for Selby to counter, which he did with more force than in the earlier rounds.

Simpson’s trainer, Billy Nelson, obviously gave him a good talking to between the rounds as he came out and took the fight to Selby in a much more controlled fashion, so much so that he was actually getting some good success, landing some big shots. Selby responded in similar fashion and this lead to some great exchanges. Much closer round, but I still felt it was Selby’s round – just.

It was more of the same in the fifth, but as before it was Selby that seemed to be getting the better of each exchange. The round was a real firecracker that had the fans on the feet from almost the opening bell right through to the second minute mark, when Selby let rip with a peach of a left hook to the body that sent the Scottish challenger to his knees.

Simpson made it to his feet to take the count, but referee Marcus McDonnell could see that he was in no fit state to continue and waved the fight off on the 2 minute 2 second mark.

In doing so handed Simpson his first stoppage loss in his illustrious career. Selby, now with five stoppages in six outings, proved without doubt he’s the best domestic Featherweight and ready for a shot at the European crown.

As with virtually every Frank Warren Promotions show supporting the main event is another title fight of similar stature, last night’s was no exception. West Drayton’s Steve O’Meara stepped in to defend the Southern Area Light Middleweight belt he won back in September, with a sensational first round knockout of then champion Ryan Toms.

O’Meara’s opponent, Thamesmead’s super slick ‘Sugar’ Nathan Weise, bought to the table a 7-1-2 record that included a recent draw over previous champ Toms.

No surprise that the Mark Tibbs trained Weise went straight on the attack forcing O’Meara onto the back foot. O’Meara remained calm as he looked for an opening, he didn’t have to wait too long though, as around the fifty second mark Weise stepped in to let off yet another jab O’Meara released a wickedly fast left jab-right hook combination that sent Weise crashing to the deck in an instance.

A hush fell across York Hall as referee Ken Curtis instantly waved the fight off and the ringside doctor and paramedics rushed in to assist the prone Weise. It was a good few minutes before Weise was raised to a stool – the crowd responded with a standing ovation – but it was clear that Weise still wasn’t one hundred percent, the paramedics kept administering oxygen for a few more minutes before leading him from the ring to the waiting ambulance.

It has to be one of the worse knockouts I have seen in a long, long time but I can assure everyone that Nathan is one hundred percent OK, he turned up at the TRAD TKO Gym, to let his manager Johnny Eames, myself and all the fighters here know that he is OK literally as I was writing this report.

One of Frank Warren Promotions brightest stars, former Olympian and Nathan Weise’s gym mate Billy Joe Saunders, was drafted in at the last minute to face Belfast’s Tommy Tolan following Gym mate Ediz Hussein’s fight being called off, due to his coming down with the flu.

Slick southpaw Saunders went straight on the offensive and landed a massive left that shook Tolan to the core. In an instant Saunders stepped up the attack and literally chased Tolan from one corner to the next and beyond before landing another powerful left. Tolan legs had gone but he managed to stay on his feet, but referee Jeff Hinds had seen enough and just as Saunders was about to let rip with another shot stepped in and stopped the fight on the one minute and seven second mark.

Unbeaten in twelve, with five stoppages out of his last six outings and the Southern Area title already firmly in his grip, it’s clear that Saunders is ready to step up for a shot at either Nick Blackwell (English title) or Martin Murray (British title) for their crowns in the New Year, either of which would be a mouthwatering prospect.

Prior to Saunders-Tolan see unbeaten Welterweight George Michael Carman in action against the ubiquitous ‘Rockin’ Robin Deakin.

Now I hate writing negatives on any fighter, I know how much hard work precedes a fight and it takes serious guts to step into the ring, but having seen Carman in action twice now, the first when he managed to receive a highly dubious ‘draw’ result against Tom Bowen at Wembley in November – back then I, and it seems most of those present, felt Carman lost every single round by a country mile – I really can’t see why he is being so protected.

I mean Deakin is a Super Featherweight, Lightweight at best, with a negative 1-41 record, yet Carman couldn’t even handle him – in my between round notes I said that I wasn’t sure if this was boxing or handbags at fifty paces and that it is hard to think that there is only one journeyman in the ring, sorry but yes it was that bad.

The first three rounds were scrappy to put it mildly, with Deakin keeping the Slough man on the back foot for most of the time. It was only in the fourth that Carman actually started to get the better of the much lighter Deakin.

I have to admit that when he did get ‘fighty’ he was quite slick, but in all honesty it was still totally ineffective work. Deakin was deducted a point in the final round, not sure what for as I didn’t see any wrong doing from where I was. Anyway that aside at the end of the fourth referee Jeff Hinds scorecard read 40-35 in favour of Carman.

Canning Town’s Freddie Turner must have been a little surprised that it was the original opponent Kevin McCauley, and not stated replacement Michael Frontin, that he faced on the night. No matter either way to the Jimmy and Mark Tibbs trained fighter, he was just happy to get a decent opponent for him to showcase his sublime talents.

Round one was a bit of a cagey affair, as both fighters took their time to suss the others tactics. Whilst neither were in the zone yet Turner worked the hardest and landed the most meaningful shots to take the round in my book.

The second however was a much livelier affair, Turner was on the offensive in the early part and landed a couple of big scoring shots. As the round progressed McCauley started to push forward and managed to back Turner onto the ropes before letting rip with double handed flurries. Turner, taking a leaf from fellow TRAD TKO gym mate Kevin Mitchell’s book, just dipped and swayed to avoid every single shot. Another easy round to call, it was Turner’s all the way.

More of the same in the third, including Turner, back to the ropes, luring McCauley in and after a little dipping and swaying effectively countering with stiff jabs and big lefts. The lack of effect really started to get to McCauley, who started to resort to some dirty tactics, including late on in the round backing Turner up before blatantly head butting, which opened up a nasty gash over Turner’s right eye.

Needless to say this fired Turner up when he came out in the fourth, the Canning Town youngster went hard on the offensive, in response McCauley decided to stand and trade – which suited Turner fine, but not Jimmy and Mark Tibbs, who could be heard shouting at their charge to keep calm and just box McCauley.

With four rounds firmly in Turner’s favour McCauley decided he needed to step things up and started targeting the cut, albeit to no avail as Turner’s defensive skills are second to none. McCauley frustrations were clear for all to see as he started throwing wild shots in the hope that something will actually land. Turner responded with some cracking counters that clearly were hurting McCauley, both physically and mentally.

McCauley comes out hard and fast for the final round and tries to plain bully Turner, big mistake as this just allowed Turner to showcase his excellent ringcraft to even more effect as he see his way to a shutout 60-54 points victory.

Turner-McCauley was a seriously cracking fight, as was the fight that preceded it – when Cranham’s Lee Markham took on fellow Essex boy Danny Brown.

The first round was a close fought affair, with both determined to win the battle of the Essex boys, however Markham’s was just a little more effective and took the round in my book.

Markham stepped it up more in the second and landed a wicked shot to the body that caused Brown to take one knee. Brown made the count and continued, however deciding not to take too many chances overly protected his body which allowed Markham to land some big shots to the head.

Still protecting the body Brown came out on the offensive in the third and took the fight to Markham. For three minutes the pair exchanged punches in equal measure. However, as Brown was still wary of being on the receiving end of another big left to the body kept leaving his head unprotected, which made easy pickings for the Cranham boy big right hand.

More of the same in the fourth and final round, both letting rip with big shots as they again went to war for the full three minutes, much to the crowd’s delight. At the end of four excellent rounds no one was surprised that referee Ken Curtis scored the bout 39-36 in favour of Markham.

The opening bout of the night was an all action cracker too, between nineteen year old Alfie Smith and Jason Nesbitt.

Smith showed his intentions right from the start, attacking the body of Nesbitt with big left and right hands. The highly experienced Nesbitt tried to cover up to negate the onslaughts, which only encourage the teenager to play upstairs before returning to the body in style.

More of the same tactics, in the second, from Smith which was really beginning to take a toll on Nesbitt, who was huffing and puffing before the midway point. I had a good long hard look at Nesbitt between rounds and he really looked down hearted and honestly didn’t expect him to stay the course, but I was wrong.

For the final couple of rounds Smith continued his all out assault on Nesbitt’s body. The Brummy battler tried his hardest to take a part of the fight but each time he did the Rottweiler like Smith let rip with big left and rights to push him back. I would think Nesbitt was very happy to hear the final bell, although not as happy as young Smith who has the second win under his belt, and by a tidy shutout 40-36 points margin.

I have to say that as the final major fight show of the year Frank Warren did us all proud, it was a great show which had it all, drama, excitement and three stoppage victories. I know that after such I for one can head into the Christmas break happy in the knowledge that my appetite for boxing is well and truly sated and will see me through to the first big show of the New Year, Leon ‘Solid’ Williams’ first defense of his British Cruiserweight title at York Hall on Friday 13th January.

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Michael Maguire’s Return Bought Forward, Faces Najah Ali On Wednesday

by on Dec.12, 2011, under Buzz

Michael Maguire returns this Wednesday - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Michael Maguire’s Return Bought Forward, Faces Najah Ali On Wednesday

Sensational Super Flyweight prospect Michael Maguire’s much anticipated return to the ring has been bought forward and will now take place on the undercard of the Queensberry Promotions event, headlined by the Lee Selby versus John Simpson British and Commonwealth title clash, at York Hall this coming Wednesday.

The bout, which was originally scheduled to take place in Liverpool on Friday, sees the former amateur World under-nineteen #1 in action against another former amateur star, 2004 Olympian Najah Ali.

Maguire, who recently returned to training at the TRAD TKO Gym in Canning Town following a two year sabbatical from the sport, seemed unconcerned with the change of date and venue when he spoke earlier, “I don’t care where or when I fight, I’ve been training hard for it and can’t wait to get the first one over and done with.

I’ve had some sparring with Martin Power and Charlie Hoy, I’m happy with myself, I’ve been doing six rounds easily now and want to do more rounds as I’m getting fitter and fitter.”

The 22 year old from Peterborough then went on to talk briefly on his decision to take a break and why he felt it was now time to return to the fray, “I think I turned over a bit soon and felt I needed a little time out.

I feel I’ve come back at the right age. I’m training harder, feeling stronger and believe I can really go somewhere now.

Michael Maguire versus Najah Ali features on the Francis and George Warren’s Queensberry promotions event, headlined by the British and Commonwealth Featherweight title clash between Lee Selby and John Simpson. takes place at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, and broadcast live on BoxNation (Sky platform Ch. 456 and Virgin 546), on Wednesday the 14th December 2011.

Tickets, priced £60 (Ringside) and £40 (Standard Seated), are available now on-line at or from the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA

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All Change For Turner – McCauley Out, Frontin In This Wednesday

by on Dec.12, 2011, under Boxing News

Freddie Turner ready for action this Wednesday - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

All Change For Turner – McCauley Out, Frontin In This Wednesday

In the World of pro boxing nothing, but nothing, is set in stone until the very moment you actually enter the ring on fight night. So many things can, and do, go awry that it’s definitely a matter of be prepared for any occurrence, especially a last minute change of opponent, which is just what has happened to Welterweight prospect Freddie Turner this week.

This coming Wednesday Freddie was due to face British Masters Light Middleweight Champion Kevin McCauley in a non-championship bout. Without doubt a tough assignment for the Canning Town youngster with just four pro bouts, all wins, under his belt, but with legendary father and son team Jimmy and Mark Tibbs masterminding his preparations Freddie was more than confident he was thoroughly prepared in every way for the showdown.

Then on Friday, just as Freddie began to wind down his camp, he receives the call that instead of McCauley he’ll be facing a different opponent and yet another reigning champ, this time the holder of the International Masters Light Welterweight crown, Edmonton based Mauritian Michael Frontin.

As luck would have it Freddie is more than a little aware of Frontin and his fight style, as well as having been ringside when TRAD TKO Boxing Gym mate Dean ‘Irish Lightning’ Byrne fought him in October, as such he has easily been able to alter his fight plan and is clearly relishing the prospect of adding Frontin’s scalp to his belt, as was clear when he spoke earlier, “Yeah, I’ve got a change of opponent from Kevin McCauley to Michael Frontin.

He was a good amateur, he won a silver medal in the Commonwealths, boxed Frankie Gavin in the final.

I’ve watched him, he’s slippery, got a good jab, he knows what he’s doing. Yeah he’s good, he’s good.

His last fight was against Patrick Liam Walsh, I thought he won it but they gave it to the other kid. I thought he’d done enough to nick it.

He has got a good round and a bad round, so hopefully I’ll get him on a bad round.

He fought Dean Byrne, on Byrne’s British debut, he had a couple of good rounds in that, he gave Dean problems in the fourth and the fifth and later on in the fight so he has got ability, I mean taking on a 14 and O fighter that came from the Wild Card Gym in LA and giving him trouble shows he must be handy.

It’s a good step up, which is what I need. I don’t want to just fight journeymen that just tuck up so you can’t get them, I want someone that’s going to let go so I can find the gaps and hopefully catch him, yeah.”

Freddie Turner, against Michael Frontin, features on the Francis and George Warren’s Queensberry promotions event, headlined by the British and Commonwealth Featherweight title clash between Lee Selby and John Simpson. takes place at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, and broadcast live on BoxNation (Sky platform Ch. 456 and Virgin 546), on Wednesday the 14th December 2011.

Tickets, priced £60 (Ringside) and £40 (Standard Seated), are available now on-line at or from the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA

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Tough Test For Freddie Turner – Faces Kevin McCauley on Dec 14th

by on Dec.07, 2011, under Boxing News

Freddie Turner quietly confident of success on the 14th - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Tough Test For Freddie Turner – Faces Kevin McCauley on Dec 14th

On Wednesday 14th December Canning Town’s exciting unbeaten Welterweight prospect Freddie Turner will be making the short journey to the York Hall in Bethnal Green, where he is set to face Birmingham’s Kevin McCauley.

With just four pro bouts under his belt, all won by shutout 40-36 points margin, young Freddie will surely be facing the toughest fight of his fledgling career to date, as McCauley is not just more experienced but also the reigning British Masters Light Middleweight Champion.

Saying that Freddie is more than confident that he will win through on the night, having said earlier, “Yes, just found out it’ll be Kevin McCauley I’ll be fighting on the 14th.

He’s a tough kid who loves to come forward. He’s no walk over, I mean he went to Scotland and beat Craig Windsor Jnr. in his own back yard to win the British Masters title last month. I think that says all that needs to be said about him.

That doesn’t bother me though, I never mind who I fight, I believe in my talent and ability and hopefully it’ll all come together on the night.

I’ve been training hard, all’s well and looking good. I live clean and train hard, nothing can stop me now really.

I’m with the best training team, Jimmy and Mark Tibbs, in the country at the minute and they’re producing great champions.

I’m in a great, great stable, again the best in the UK – The TRAD TKO. There’s always plenty of great sparring, it’s really good and I really enjoy it here.

All’s really well and I can’t wait for the 14th, he’s gonna get smashed.”

Freddie Turner, against Kevin McCauley, features on the Francis and George Warren’s Queensberry promotions event, headlined by the British and Commonwealth Featherweight title clash between Lee Selby and John Simpson. takes place at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, and broadcast live on Sky Sports, on Wednesday the 14th December 2011.

Tickets, priced £60 (Ringside) and £40 (Standard Seated), are available now on-line at or from the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA

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‘Sugar’ Nathan Weise Guests On Sports Tonight This Thursday

by on Nov.30, 2011, under Buzz

‘Sugar’ Nathan Weise Guests On Sports Tonight This Thursday

This Thursday evening exciting Light Middleweight prospect ‘Sugar’ Nathan Weise is to be Chris Cohen’s studio guest for the Sports Tonight Fight Hour (Freeview HD Channel 112 and available worldwide on-line at from 5.30pm (GMT)

Nathan, Chris and Fighting Fit Magazine’s Deputy Editor Danny Flexen will be discussing all the latest boxing news and upcoming fights, including a trio of Light Middleweight title clashes – Antonio Margarito versus Miguel Angel Cotto for the WBA Super World Crown, Prince Aaron versus Brian Rose for the British title and of course Nathan’s big fight, when he challenges Steve O’Meara for the BBBofC Southern Area belt.

Staying on the Light Middleweight theme, former British Champ Sam Webb, as well as former English Welterweight Champion Ross Minter, will be joining Nathan, Chris and Danny on the phone to discuss these pivotal fights.

‘Sugar’ Nathan Weise Versus Steve O’Meara features on the Francis and George Warren’s Queensberry Promotions event, headlined by the Lee Selby-John Simpson British and Commonwealth Featherweight title clash, which takes place at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, on Wednesday 14th January 2011 and broadcast live on BoxNation (Sky platform Channel 456 & Virgin 546)

Tickets, priced £40 (Standard Seated) and £60 (Ringside) are available on-line now at Tickets are also be available direct from the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA.

Sports Tonight Fight Hour, hosted by Chris Cohen and featuring ‘Sugar’ Nathan Weise and Danny Flexen, is broadcast live on Freeview HD Channel 112 and available worldwide on-line at from 5.30pm (GMT).

ABOUT SPORTS TONIGHT LIVE – the home of sports opinion

Sports Tonight Live is Britain’s newest sports TV station broadcasting topical sports news, sports analysis, sports discussion and sports debate. Presented by Mike ‘porky’ Parry, Chris Cohen and a host of guests and pundits, Sports Tonight is broadcast every night and throughout weekend afternoons. At other times, the latest programme is shown on a loop. Although focus is on football, other popular sports news are also covered, including a regular Thursday evening fight show.

Sports Tonight is the first OTT-delivered channel on the UK’s Freeview platform. It is a new kind of channel that delivers TV content exclusively via broadband to set-top boxes. Sports Tonight Live is available on Freeview HD channel 112 through internet connected TVs and set top boxes carrying the Freeview HD platform.

Sports Tonight can also be accessed from your PC, tablet or smartphone by going to Additional distribution is available on Facebook and YouTube for internet connected devices.

The format of Sports Tonight encourages live sports debate from viewers who contact the show via Skype video-call or Twitter. Producers of Sports Tonight can also poll the audience live for instant reaction to sporting events.

Sports Tonight thrives on audience participation, so if you have a sports opinion…GET IN TOUCH!

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Title Shot For Nathan Weise, Faces Steve O’Meara On 14th December

by on Nov.28, 2011, under Boxing News

Nathan Weise ready for title clash with Steve O'Meara - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Title Shot For Nathan Weise, Faces Steve O’Meara On 14th December

One of the most exciting young prospects from Johnny Eames’ always excellent TRAD TKO stable, ‘Sugar’ Nathan Weise, gets his first taste of Championship action – when he challenges West Drayton’s Steve O’Meara for the Southern Area Light Middleweight title on December 14th.

Weise-O’Meara will be chief support to the Lee Selby versus John Simpson British Featherweight title clash at Francis and George Warren’s Queensberry Promotions event at York Hall in Bethnal Green on Wednesday, 14th December and broadcast live on BoxNation (Sky platform Channel 456 & Virgin 546).

Speaking earlier Weise made it clear that he intends to emulate TRAD TKO gym mates; Southern Area Lightweight Champion Ben Murphy, Southern Area Middleweight Champion Billy Joe Saunders, British Cruiserweight Champion Leon ‘Solid’ Williams, British Welterweight Champion Colin Lynes and WBO Inter-Continental Lightweight Champion Kevin Mitchell, who all bought back titles to the famous Canning Town gym this year.

“First of all I want to thank my manager, Johnny Eames, for getting me the opportunity to fight for the Southern Area title.

My last fight I drew against former Champ Ryan Toms, who Steve O’Meara beat to get the title.

If it wasn’t for the knockdown I would have won the fight, but that’s boxing for you. It only takes one punch.

I showed heart and got up and got myself back in the fight. As I said if it wasn’t for the knockdown I would have won.

I can see this fight being a whole different type of fight, as I don’t think O’Meara’s as big a puncher as Ryan Toms, even though he stopped him in the first round his record doesn’t say he’s a big puncher, he’s more of a stylist boxer.

I see this fight being more of a chess match, but he’s a champion so I’m going to have to put it on him, take it to him and take the fight from him.

My trainer, Mark Tibbs, has had me training so hard in the gym in preparation for this fight, training’s spot on.

I only boxed just over three weeks ago so really I’ve been training for this fight for seven or eight weeks already. I’m going to be in tip top shape, I’m ready to go

You know what they say ‘styles makes fights’ and I just can’t wait to get in there and win the Southern Area title.

I’m not going to say I am going to stop him but I’m going to outwork him out hustle him and bring the title back to the TRAD TKO gym, where it belongs, and have a good Christmas.”

Nathan Weise versus Steve O’Meara for the Southern Area Light Middleweight Championship takes place on the Francis and George Warren’s Queensberry Promotions event at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, on Wednesday 14th December 2011 and broadcast live on BoxNation (Sky platform Channel 456 & Virgin 546)

Tickets, priced £40 (Standard Seated) and £60 (Ringside) are available on-line at Tickets are also available in person from Nathan at the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA.

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Big Fight Preview: Lee Selby-John Simpson British And Commonwealth Title Clash

by on Nov.24, 2011, under Events

Lee Selby with the coveted British and Commonwealth belts at the TRAD TKO Gym earlier this year - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Big Fight Preview: Lee Selby-John Simpson British And Commonwealth Title Clash

By Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

New kids on the block, Francis and George Warren, have pulled out all the stops to ensure that their 14th December Queensberry promotions event, at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London – and broadcast live on BoxNation (Sky platform ch. 456) – is a fitting finale to a rather excellent year of Boxing in the Capital.

Headlining the event Francis and George have Lee Selby defending his British and Commonwealth Featherweight titles for the first time against former champ John Simpson, who has held both straps at various times throughout his illustrious career.

Selby sensationally stopped Liverpool’s previously unbeaten Stephen Smith to lift the belts on only his eleventh pro outing back in September.

Selby, 24, was unfancied against the champion, especially as the fight was on Smith’s home turf, however the young Welshman dominated the centre of the ring throughout. Selby decisively secured victory on the two minute mark of the eighth round, after letting rip with a left-handed counter to send Smith crashing to the canvas and out cold.

The aforementioned Stephen Smith is a common denominator in this intriguing match-up, as it was the Liverpudlian that took, on separate occasions, both the British and Commonwealth straps from Simpson.

Simpson’s first encounter, in September 2010, with the younger brother of then British Super Middleweight Champion Paul Smith see him relinquish his Commonwealth belt after a storming twelve round war.

Three months later Simpson beat Martin Lindsay to lift the Lonsdale belt, which ultimately set up a return match with Smith in April this year. Yet another close all out war ensued, after which Simpson was again relieved of his coveted belt by the Liverpudlian

Even with Smith out of the equation this time you can bet that just as Simpson will be going all out to regain the British and Commonwealth straps, young Selby will be equally determined to hold on to the hard earned titles.

It’s fairly hard fight to call and has all the makings of a classic. My feelings are the early rounds will be a bit of a chess match, with Simpson keeping it long and working behind his excellent jab, whilst Selby will be looking to counter at every opportunity. As the fight progresses it is likely to liven right up, Simpson will be looking to box and Selby countering in fine style before letting off big bombs at every opportunity.

I’m not going to give any predictions on who is likely to take the belts home, but will say that the more I size this fight up the more I am convinced that it’s not going to go the distance.

Heading up the support the Warren boys have Steve O’Meara defending his recently won Southern Area Light Middleweight title, against upcoming TRAD TKO star ‘Sugar’ Nathan Weise

Back in September O’Meara sensationally knocked out defending champ, and local rival, Ryan Toms with a stunning pin point accurate left hook to the chin in the dying seconds of the first round.

Whilst not known as a concussive puncher O’Meara sure made a point with that stunning shot. As such Weise will need to ensure that his defense is up to scratch, something I’m sure trainer Mark Tibbs and manager Johnny Eames are already working on.

Weise is a stylish purist, right out of the ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard mould, his sublime movement and fluid combinations make him a joy to watch and a real handful for any opponent.

In his last bout Weise had a six round war with former Champ Toms and if it wasn’t for a visit the canvas, in the third, he was on course for another fairly comfortable win, however due to having to take the count instead he had to settle 57-57 draw.

The clash of styles, between O’Meara and Weise, makes this a very interesting match up, one that is going to be an all action thriller. As with Selby-Simpson this is another tight one to call, saying that I have a sneeky feeling that the supremely talented Weise is likely to be just too slick and elusive for O’Meara.

In addition to O’Meara-Weise Francis and George Warren have put together an excellent undercard, featuring undefeated young prospects such as Slough teen sensation George Michael Carman, Cranham’s Lee Markham as well as a pair of Nathan Weise’s TRAD TKO gym mates, Canning Town’s Freddie Turner and Dagenham’s Ediz Hussein.

Francis and George Warren’s Queensberry promotions event, headlined by the British and Commonwealth Featherweight title clash between Lee Selby and John Simpson. takes place at the York hall in Bethnal Green, and broadcast live on BoxNation (Sky Platform Ch. 456), on Wednesday the 14th December 2011.

Tickets, priced £60 (Ringside) and £40 (Standard Seated), are available now on-line at or from the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA

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Chris Goodwin-Wesley Hertoghe Weights and Quotes

by on Nov.12, 2011, under Buzz

Chris Goodwin and Wesley Hertoghe shake hands as promoter Miranda Carter looks on - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Chris Goodwin-Wesley Hertoghe Weights and Quotes

The weigh in for Sunday’s International Masters Welterweight title clash, between Chester’s Chris Goodwin and Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium Wesley Hertoghe, at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, took place today at the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town.


Chris Goodwin – 63.9kg

“Everything has gone well, training wise, fingers crossed that everything should go well in the fight.”

Wesley Hertoghe – 62kg

“I don’t know who he is, I’m not worried at all, It’s going to be ten round war”

Following the weigh in promoter Miranda Carter spoke briefly, “It’s really exciting I managed to inherit this fight from a Frank Maloney show.

I’m really delighted to be putting it on.

There seems to be a bit of agro between them here at the weigh in so yeah I’m looking forward to quite a sparky little fight on this one.”

Chris Goodwin versus Wesley Hertoghe, for the International Master Welterweight title headlines Miranda Carter’s Left Jab Promotions ‘Stormy Sunday’ at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Sunday 13th November.

Tickets, priced £35 (Unreserved), £45 (Ringside) and £65 (Front Row Ringside) are still available and will be available from 2pm on the door at York Hall.

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Storming Sunday Ahead For TRAD TKO Four.

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Nathan Weise in action against Duncan Cottier earlier this year - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Storming Sunday Ahead For TRAD TKO Four.

This coming Sunday no less than four upcoming prospects from Johnny Eames’ World class TRAD TKO Boxing Gym will be in action, at the Miranda Carter’s Left Jab Promotions ‘Storming Sunday’ event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London.

Heading up the show is one of the famous fight factory’s brightest young stars Nathan ‘Sugar Boy’ Weise, who will facing former Southern Area Light Middleweight Champion Ryan Toms.

Weise, who is coached by Mark Tibbs – the son of the UK’s top coach Jimmy Tibbs, will be looking to extend his six fight unbeaten run as preparation for a domestic title challenge in 2012.

Making a welcome return to the ring, following a thirty month sabbatical from the sport, is exciting Neasden Welterweight Eddie Corcoran, who faces Birmingham’s Dee Mitchell in a four rounder.

According to his manager/coach Johnny Eames, Corcoran – who has just the one loss on his record, against Commonwealth Champion Denton Vassell – has been totally focused on getting back in action and has been sensational in sparring.

Eddie Corcoran, Brett O'Callaghan and Danny Connor at the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym in London - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Holloway teenager Brett O’Callaghan will be making his third professional appearance on Sunday, The nineteen year old Light Middleweight will be facing relative newcomer Liam Griffiths from Bogner Regis.

In his two previous fights the O’Callaghan overcame highly experienced opponents – 101 fight veteran Billy Smith and Matt Scriven, who had a slightly lower 92 fight record – so facing a Griffiths, who has had just six pro fights to date, will be a welcome change for the youngster.

The final TRAD TKO fighter taking part on Sunday is Mitcham, Surrey’s Danny ‘Cassius’ Connor.

The Alec Wilkey trained twenty five year old will be looking to return to winning ways, following his loss to Matthew McAllister in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago. Prior to that loss Connor was on a three fight winning streak.

On Sunday Connor will be facing Welsh banger Russell Pearce.

Miranda Carter’s ‘Storming Sunday’ also features Luton’s Duane ‘Bang Bang’ Grimes against Swansea’s Craig Dyer, unbeaten Luton based Bulgarian Light Welterweight Bobby George will face a yet to be named opponent.

In addition no less than three local fighters will be making the professional debuts, Lightweight Josh Thorn will face Gosport’s Sean Tribble, Super Middleweight Scott Harley will get a stern test from Hayes Middx’s Darren McKenna and Rydas Vaivads against a yet to be named opponent.

Nathan Weise versus Ryan Toms tops the bill for Miranda Carter’s Left Jab Promotions ‘Storming Sunday’ event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Sunday 13th November 2011.

Tickets, priced £35 (Unreserved), £45 (Ringside) and £65 (Front Row Ringside) are available on-line now at or in person from the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA. For information call 07960 850645.

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Fight Report: Williams Stops Okoth In Fifth, Fowler and Ockuko Impress

by on Sep.19, 2011, under Fight Reports

Fight Report: Williams Stops Okoth In Fifth, Fowler and Ockuko Impress

Photos and report by Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

On Sunday afternoon Miranda Carter and Bruce Baker co-promoted their first event of the new season – Great Expectations – at York Hall in the heart of the East End of London.

Surprisingly York Hall wasn’t packed to capacity, perhaps because of the late pullout by British Light Welter Champ Ashley Theophane, due to an injury, or even possibly that just days before there were two other big shows in the Capital – Prizefighter and the Mickey Helliet promoted event at the Elephant and Castle. However those that made the trip to hallowed home of British boxing on Sunday were treated to a cracking afternoon of action.

With Ashley out Southern Area Cruiserweight Champion Leon ‘Solid’ Williams versus Nick ‘The Ox’ Okoth was elevated to sole headline status.

Right from the opening bell Williams went on the attack, closing down his prey before letting rip with a massive overhand right that shook Battersea’s Okoth to the core. Not willing to give Okoth a chance to recover Williams fired another exocet into the midriff. Okoth sensibly covered up as another salvo of punches rained down on him.

Realising that covering up would only invite more from the aggressive Streatham based Champ, Okoth decided attack was probably the only form of defense that would keep him from being stopped early on. Returning some big shots of his own did slow the Williams juggernaut, but not for long as ‘Solid’ decided to walk straight through them to counter with more of his big bombs. Late on in the round Williams landed a peach of a right hand that looked destined to send the the fighting fireman from Battersea down and out, but somehow Okoth managed to grab hold of Williams to stay on his feet and see the round out.

Williams flew out the corner at the start of the second, Okoth initially used his jab to good effect to slow the advancing Champ. Williams kept coming forward, eventually backing Okoth on the ropes before letting rip with more big salvos to the body and head. Okoth survived the onslaught and turned aggressor. Okoth pushed forward but Williams would not budge and the pair locked horns in the centre ring.

More of the same in the third and fourth both giving their all, Williams took both rounds purely by landing the more meaningful shots.

Williams looked fired up as he came out in the fifth and the writing was on the wall for Okoth right from the very first big right that Williams landed. Living up to his ring moniker ‘Solid’ Williams really started to work the body before backing Okoth on to a neutral corner and firing off a huge salvo of shots to the body and head. Okoth was beginning to look like a rag doll being savaged by a rabid Rottweiler and as such it came as no surprise that referee Jeff Hinds stepped in to save Okoth from a certain, and unnecessary, knockout on the one minute thirty one second mark.

The final bout of the day see Williams’ TRAD TKO gym mate Danny ‘Cassius’ Connor take on Aberystwyth, Wales’ Sean Gorman.

Connor had clearly upset Gorman with his pre fight comments, which were widely reported in the press, as the Welsh lad was fired up right from the off, as was clear by the venomous way he attacked Connor’s body.

Throughout the first couple of rounds Gorman would push forward with vicious attack after vicious attack, young ‘Cassius’ kept his cool and resisted getting into a tear up, instead he sensibly worked behind his first class jab.

Round three see Gorman getting increasing success, by getting under Connor’s superb jab before making his attacks. Connor must have realised how close the fight was because he became far more aggressive in the fourth and final round and boxed beautifully to secure the win by a close 39-38 margin.

Preceding Connor-Gorman former MMA fighter turned boxer Francis Maina, from Limehouse, made his professional debut against Barrington Brown from Nottingham.

What a evenly matched affair this turned out to be, throughout the four rounder they virtually matched each other punch for punch. Saying that in my view I thought Maina was just a tad more aggressive, which had me seeing him nicking most rounds. I have to admit I wasn’t that surprised or disappointed when referee Ken Curtis scored it a 39-39 draw as both lads put on a magnificent display.

Prior to these two bouts was the already covered Williams-Okoth thriller, and prior to that barnstormer was another. This time it was Billericay’s debuting Luke Fowler swapping copious amounts of leather with Swansea’s Craig Dyer.

What a cracking fight, Dyer was intent on giving young Luke a baptism of fire, Luke on the other hand seemed to relish the battle, as did his huge contingent of highly vocal supporters.

Fowler showed excellent ringcraft and head movement as the Swansea lad threw bomb after bomb, as each big right hand came looming into sight Fowler either moved out of range or dipped and swayed before letting off an equally, but accurate, vicious counter. Throughout the action was nonstop, the pair went at it hammer and tongs.

The first real breakthrough came midway through the second when Dyer, who was backed onto the ropes, was sent to the canvas, however referee Ken Curtis waved off the count.

The nonstop action continued in very much the same vane for the rest of the bout, with Dyer throwing lots of punches, most of which missed the ever fluid Essex Boy who in return countered with crisp solid jabs and big rights. No surprise then that after four sensation rounds Luke Fowler was declared victorious by a 40-37 margin.

The fourth bout of the night see Chiswick’s Dalton Miller take on Swansea’s Chris Brophy.

It was quite a lively start, with Brophy throwing bombs at every opportunity. Miller on the other hand used his head, sticking to his boxing and picking his shots.

Throughout the bout it was very much this way, except for a brief spell in the third when Brophy upped the pressure and backed Miller on to the ropes, but that was short lived as Miller soon regained control. No surprise to anyone that referee Jeff Hinds scored the bout 40-36 in favour of Miller, who had the edge over the Swansea man throughout.

Prior to Miller-Brophy the highly rated, and exceptionally slick Nathan Weise made his welcome return to York Hall, where he faced ubiquitous Duncan Cottier.

It was quite a edgy start, with the normally fast starting Weise seemingly feeling out the veteran journeyman. It soon livened up though as Weise started to get into the flow, landing crisp jabs and hooks to the body with ease to take the opening stanza.

Weise really got into his stride in the second round, some nice crisp movement and classy shots from all angles. Around midway through an off balance Cottier was sent to his knees by a sharp right. The Essex man protested it was slip, but referee continued the eight count.

Weise continued to put on a slick display, against little in return from Cottier, until the final round to earn a well deserved 40-35 points victory.

The second bout of the afternoon see the highly entertaining Nigerian-born Ideh Ockuko take on debuting Sean Tribble from Gosport, Hants.

Ockuku entertained the York Hall crowd with a dancing ring walk that continued after he entered the ring and tested the ropes. It didn’t stop there as his natural rhythm came into play when the action started.

Ockuku was plain sensational as he danced his way around the newcomer, picking his shots at will. I have to say that doesn’t really do Ockuku justice as he showcased about every punch in the book and did it with style.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all one way traffic, Tribble gave his best and got some success for the effort, especially in the mid-rounds, but really didn’t have an answer to quick footed and classy Ockuku’s vast array of shots and as such it was no surprise that referee Jeff Hinds rightly scored the bout 39-37 in favour of the London based Nigerian.

The opening bout of the show see Peckham’s Diego Burton face Wickford’s Danny Brown.

The normally fast starting Brown seemed sluggish from the start, making life far to easy for Burton, who sent Brown onto the back foot with some seriously sharp jabs. Burton continued to dominate the proceedings easily, all but a brief period early in the third, to earn his first win by a 40-36 points margin.

I have to say this was my first visit to one of Miranda’s Sunday spectaculars, I’m usually quite content to stay at home on the Sabbath and have a relaxing Sunday dinner with my gorgeous girlfriend, but if this is the normal standard of fare on offer at Left Jab’s shows I can see myself in the arms of my pugilistic Friday and Saturday night mistress more often on a Sunday afternoon, as it was nothing short of first class.

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