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Fight Report: McAleese, Bailey and Bacon Do The Business Whilst Scriven Holds Gladman To A Surprise Draw

by on May.02, 2011, under Fight Reports

Fight Report: McAleese, Bailey and Bacon Do The Business Whilst Scriven Holds Gladman To A Surprise Draw

Report and Photos By Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

On Saturday night the boxing fraternity made it’s annual pilgrimage to the British home of Horse Racing – Newmarket – for the Graham Earl, in association with the TKO Boxing Gym, promoted ‘Return of the Mac’ event.

Before I get onto the actual fight report I have to say that this was my first visit to Newmarket and more importantly the Tattersalls Sales Rooms, which is an exceptional facility set in stunning grounds on the outskirts of the beautiful town. The sales room itself has to be the premier small hall venue in the country, the circular design makes the venue feel more like a Roman Amphitheater and provides the fans with an unrivaled viewing experience. I was mightily impressed as you may be able to tell.

Another thing that impressed me were the changing rooms, now usually these are quite bland and cramped, and in some cases downright decrepit – please note York Hall. Not so at Tattersalls. Initially the house fighters were located in the red room – a huge hall like room with priceless oil paintings adorning every wall, leather Chesterfields sofas and a huge Chandelier as the centre piece.

However Johnny Eames stated a preference for the smaller State rooms as used in previous years, which again featured priceless oil paintings etc, but also more importantly included both Sky TV and a close circuit TV link from the Sales Rooms,which enabled the fighters to be able to relax pre-battle by watching Chelsea versus Tottenham Hotspurs as well as all the action and drama as it unfolded from each bout.

Graham Earl and Johnny Eames created the event and, along with Roy Hilder, matched it to give the fans a feel of old time Roman Gladiatorial battles, each fight really did have that feel about them, especially the headliner which featured – and was named in honour of – Newmarket’s very own ‘Phat’ Pat McAleese, who locked horns with Newark’s AA Lowe.

Right from the opening bell both protagonists decided attack was the best form of defense and started trading in the centre of the ring, matching punch for punch, until around the second minute when McAleese changed tack slightly by moving around Lowe before letting rip with an assortment of combinations before lithely moving aside, causing Lowe’s shots to find nothing but fresh air. It was that final minute that secured the round for McAleese in my book.

Round two was more or less more of the same, albeit it more of the same as the final minute of the first round, McAleese was on fire, at times making Lowe’s efforts seem rather amateurish, which they were far from. McAleese showcased a series of body to head combinations, One of which started with a vicious left to the body followed by a right to the head before slipping back to the body with a screaming left right double. Late on Lowe started to push forward to try and take control but was often met with a solid jab or a straight right to stop his forceful advance. An easy round to call in my book, it was McAleese’s.

Normal service resumed in the third, with both McAleese and Lowe throwing all caution to the wind. However, no matter how hard Lowe tried to push forward, throughout McAleese just planted his feet and played the body of the Newark man like it was xylophone. It seemed that McAleese could plant single and combinations of body shots at will. Again I see this round an easy call for McAleese.

The fourth see McAleese shoot from his corner as the bell sounded to meet Lowe, who was just a few feet out from his corner, with a solid right to the chin before again slipping down to land a stinging left to the body. Lowe really showed his mettle in this round, he took some serious punishment but just kept coming forward, he just would not back down no matter how many times a McAleese exocet pierced his defense.

Round five was more or less the same with McAleese shooting forward on the bell to cut of the ring. Again McAleese let rip with vicious body shots throughout in an effort to slow down the constantly forward coming Lowe. Mid way through the round McAleese’s work rate slowed noticeably, occasionally allowing Lowe to gain some success. Each time this happened it seemed to light the blue fuse paper to detonate yet another McAleese body salvo. This was a much closer round, similar to the first, but even though Lowe had the higher work rate it was still McAleese that landed the more meaningful punches, enough in my book to secure the round.

The scene was set for a cracking final round, Lowe’s trainer former World Champ Carl Greaves told his charge in no uncertain terms that he needed a knockdown or knockout in the final round to get the win.

Right from the opening bell the tables were turned, this time it was Lowe who shot out of the corner to close down the ring and force McAleese back onto the ropes. With McAleese corralled Lowe let rip with a salvo of combinations. McAleese weaved and ducked his way out of trouble only to be chased down and receive another relentless attack. In his hurry to evade yet another attack McAleese lost his footing and crashed to the deck, luckily the referee had seen that no contact had been made and waved the count off.

With Carl Greaves screaming from his corner Lowe stepped up a gear and continued his attack, with even more vigour, and landed a peach of a right which sent McAleese reeling back onto the ropes. McAleese used the momentum against the ropes to catapult himself into the path of the fast forward moving Lowe and let rip with a big right of his own which stopped the Newark man in his tracks, momentarily.

Lowe again stepped up a gear and again forced a tired looking McAleese back onto the ropes with another flurry of nitro burning punches. Then, with barely seconds of the round to go, Lowe let rip with a soid left jab that sent the tiring McAleese to the canvas.

All fears of a repeat of the ending of the McAleese-Noble battle last year quickly subsided as McAleese made his way to his feet to see out the final second or two of the round and secure a much deserved victory with a 58-56 points decision.

Carl Greaves remonstrated with referee Mark Green, as he felt the two points for the knockdown was enough to secure the win for his man. Greaves then approached McAleese’s manager/co-trainer Johnny Eames to ask for a rematch, and to add a little extra gravitas to the proposal suggested that it should be for a title. Now that’s a mouth watering prospect.

Whilst McAleese-Lowe was without doubt a great fight the preceding battle between Slough’s Ian Bailey and Mansfield based Latvian Pavels Senkovs was a cracker and rightly received the accolade of being named the fight of the night.

Right from the outset both protagonists set out their stall in the centre ring, with neither seemingly willing to concede any ground whatsoever, what followed was a minute or so of good old fashioned slug fest.

As the round progressed the diminutive Bailey began to use his lesser height as an advantage, by dipping and moving around Senkovs before letting off powerful bodyshots of rib cracking proportions. Senkovs tried in vane to thwart Bailey’s regular forays to the body with long sharp jabs. Unfortunately for Senkovs his height advantage was working against him as Bailey easily avoided the downward shots.

Round two and three were very much more of the same, except that Bailey’s movement became more and more fluid and his body attacks became even more frequent. Please don’t go reading this as total domination on Bailey’s behalf, it wasn’t just that Senkovs was at a disadvantage being the taller of the two. Senkovs put together many excellent attacks, that pushed Bailey back onto the ropes, but the ever mobile Bailey would absorb part one and move out of the way for part two before returning with yet another body attack. Late on in the third Bailey switched to the head, as Senkovs covered up the body to prevent yet another painful attack, the result soon showed as Senkovs right eye reddened noticeably.

The previous rounds were nonstop action, yet somehow the pair summoned up the energy to step up the pace for a final round slug fest. With a do or die attitude both went in search of a stoppage finish, letting rip with bomb after bomb with little thought of defense. Again Senkovs’ height advantage worked against him as Bailey constantly moved around him to land huge hooks to the body. At the end of twelve minutes of virtually nonstop action referee Mark Green raised Bailey’s hand aloft declaring him victor by a 40-37 points margin.

The second bout of the night see the professional debut of Ipswich Super Middleweight Henry Bacon against Canning Town’s Costas Osben.

Osben was clearly intent on putting his 1-1-1 record back into the positive column by the way he took the fight to the new boy. Bacon on the other hand was barely fazed by the ferociousness of Osben’s opening salvos, instead the youngster kept a cool head and turned to his trusty jab to keep the Londoner at bay.

As the round progressed Bacon started to take the fight back to Osben, picking his shots rather than jab his way out of trouble as he did in the early part of the round. As the seconds ticked away Bacon’s confidence grew in leaps and bounds and no matter how much Osben pushed the youngster just responded with a crisp jab followed by a stinging right hand.

Seeing a second potential drawing near, Osben really stepped up the pressure in the fourth and just attacked, attacked and attacked. Unfortunately for him though the previous round had given Bacon the confidence to weather the storm and retaliate with some excellent boxing, enough in fact to win the second round also.

Osben’s attacks in the third were much milder than in the previous rounds, no real surprise there as he exerted a lot of energy, to no avail, in the second. This allowed Bacon to take total control of the bout and just pick off the rapidly tiring Osben at will with some quality jabs, hooks as well as some beautiful combinations at times.

The final round was a war, Osben summoned up all the effort he could muster as he went searching for a stoppage finish. He pushed and he pushed but Bacon thwarted every effort masterfully. About two minutes in, whilst Osben had him backed onto the ropes, Bacon responded punch for punch and then let rip with a vicious right that virtually stopped Osben in his tracks. Perhaps it was his inexperience but instead of going in for the finish Bacon used the opportunity to get away from the ropes. Further excellent exchanges littered the final minute. No surprise that referee Mark Green’s decision went to the debutant, by a tidy 39-37 points margin.

The opening bout featured Cheshunt’s undefeated Welterweight Bobby Gladman against Nottingham’s highly experienced Matt Scriven. On paper this looked a no brainer as Scriven’s record shows his last win was twenty fights ago. Saying that Scriven is known as a tough battler who always comes to fight.

There was that much action in the first round as both the protagonists seemed to be feeling the other. The second round on the other hand was a totally different affair.

From the opening bell Scriven went on the attack, forcing Gladman to utilise his jab in an effort to thwart ‘The Scrivs’ many forceful forays.

Round three see a total turn around, instead of just using his jab Gladman started to counter with heavy hands each time Scriven let rip. In the first minute Gladman let rip with a big right hand that clearly shook his opponent. However Scriven seemed undaunted by this and just stepped up the pace. Another close round, one I felt Gladman had done just enough to win.

The final round was another punch fest, Scriven did the more work, whilst the clearly tiring Gladman landed the more telling shots. At the end of the bout I feel referee Mark Green was one hundred percent correct declaring the bout a draw.

Graham Earl and Johnny Eames should be commended for taking their show on the road and taking the risk of promoting such an event in a rural location. They should also be commended for putting on an excellent night of boxing, It may have been just a four bout show but the assembled crowd at Tattersalls went away more than happy as they were treated four top class all action fights.

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Bailey Ready For Showdown With Senkovs On 30th April

by on Apr.20, 2011, under Buzz

Ian Bailey ready for April 30th showdown with Pavels Senkovs - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Bailey Ready For Showdown With Senkovs On 30th April

Slough’s Ian Bailey is set to face Mansfield based Latvian Pavels Senkovs at the Graham Earl, in association with TKO Boxing Gym, promoted ‘Return of the Mac’ event at Tattersalls Sales Rooms in Newmarket on Saturday 30th April 2011.

Bailey, who campaigns in the Super Bantamweight division, will be looking to reverse the run of losses incurred during the 2010 season. Saying that each fight last year were taken at very short notice and was against high flying unbeaten prospects Ryan Walsh, Carl Frampton, Kid Galahad and Michael Walsh.

Bailey is well known for his willingness to take on the best, even with just a few days notice, and that he always comes with the intention to fight for a win. So no surprise that when a prospect needs a stern test Bailey is called upon to provide it.

For those that see Bailey’s scintillating bout against Belfast’s Carl Frampton in June last year will understand this better than most. Throughout the bout Bailey pushed forward and tested his highly rated opponent, who is touted as a future World Champion by no less than former World Featherweight Champion Barry McGuigan.

After six all action rounds the King’s Hall crowd gave both fighters a standing ovation, not something you would normally expect from such a partisan crowd.

Frampton’s manager and mentor Barry McGuigan also complimented Bailey’s performance when he told the assembled media, “I thought it was absolutely ideal. It was six hard rounds and I knew that the kid wasn’t going to make it easy for him and that’s what he needs to do. Bailey was strong and had a tight defense.”

The ‘Return of the Mac’ event will be Bailey’s first fight, in six, that he has had more than just a few days to prepare for and also gives him his first ‘house fighter’ start since he faced Sid Razak in November ‘09, which coincidentally was also at Tattersalls in Newmarket.

To prepare for the 30th April show Bailey has been regularly sparring former European Bantamweight Champion Ian ‘Dappa’ Napa at the TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town, London. The quality of sparring, and the rare opportunity to have four weeks to prepare for a full four weeks, are having a positive effect on young Bailey as is clear when he spoke earlier about the upcoming fight. “Yeah, looking forward to it, back in fight training, although I’m always ready and super fit so all’s good.

Been sparring with Ian Napa, which is always good and brings up my fitness levels. I’m not one hundred percent sharp yet, but getting there.

I’m looking forward to getting back to winning ways, after a bad year last year. I made a promise to myself that this year I’m not going to take fights at short notice just because of financial problems last year like I did. I don’t care if that means that this year I’ll only do two as I’m only taking fights if I get four or six weeks notice.

On short notice fights sometimes you may get one that’s close, but all that does is make you think if I had the eight weeks notice the other guy had I’d have won it. That’s the trouble that you end up getting a journeyman record, I’m not a journeyman so I aint going to let that happen.

Fighting is what I do, I love fighting and I’m going to put on a really good show on the 30th.”

Ian Bailey versus Pavels Senkovs is the main support to ‘Phat’ Pat McAleese versus AA Lowe, which headlines the Graham Earl, in association with Johnny Eames’ TKO Boxing Gym, promoted ‘Return Of The Mac’ Event at Tattersalls Sales Rooms in Newmarket, Suffolk on Saturday 30th April 2011.

Also on the show is another of Bailey’s TKO Gym mates, Cheshunt’s exciting, unbeaten in seven, Welterweight Bobby Gladman, who takes on the highly experienced Matt Scriven from Nottingham.

Ipswich Super Middleweight debutante Henry Bacon gets his first professional outing against New Milton, Hampshire’s ‘Dangerous’ Danny Goode.

Further bouts are expected to be announced later this week.

Tickets for the Graham Earl, in association with TKO Boxing Gym, Promoted ‘Return Of The Mac’ event at the Tattersalls Sales Rooms in Newmarket on Saturday 30th April 2011 are now on sale and priced £30 (Unreserved) or £50 (Ringside).

For tickets call: 07960 850645, book on-line at or call in person at The TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA.

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Return Of The Mac, McAleese-Lowe Headlines April 30th Newmarket Show

by on Apr.18, 2011, under Events

Pat McAleese ready for AA Lowe on 30th April - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Return Of The Mac, McAleese-Lowe Headlines April 30th Newmarket Show

Newmarket’s Light Middleweight prospect ‘Phat’ Pat McAleese gets a ‘home’ fight on Saturday 30th April when he headlines the Graham Earl-TKO Boxing Gym co-promoted ‘Return Of The Mac’ event at Tattersalls Sales Rooms in Newmarket, Suffolk.

McAleese’s opponent on the 30th April is AA Lowe, from Newark, Nottinghamshire, who recently unsuccessfully challenged for the BBBofC Midlands Area Light Middleweight title.

The Newmarket outing comes fast on the heels of a truly scintillating performance by McAleese, that see him take a shut out points victory over Spain’s Fran Gonzalez at the ‘Essex Eruption’ event in Dagenham, Essex in mid-March.

There was no feeling out period, both protagonists went to work right from the opening bell. The action was nonstop and produced some of the best pure boxing of the show. For the full three minutes they matched each other punch for punch, it was that close throughout.

Round two see McAleese step things up to try and wrestle control of the round from the gutsy Spaniard. However Gonzalez had no intention to allow him to do so and countered every attack.

Round three see more of the same at first, but the tide was beginning to turn in McAleese’s favour around the two minute mark. McAleese added more venom to his attacks, in doing so forcing Gonzalez to go on the defensive.

Round four see McAleese continue in the same vein, often backing Gonzalez onto the ropes before letting rip with heavy flurries of left and rights to body and head. During one of the later attacks McAleese caught the Spaniard with a heavy left to the ribs, Gonzalez was clearly hurting and covered up. This encouraged McAleese to turn the pressure up another notch. McAleese was relentless playing Gonzalez’s ribs like a xylophone with wickedly fast ten-twelve punch salvos.

Round five was a cracking round for McAleese, who constantly backed up the tiring Gonzalez before letting rip with ten punch plus flurries. As the round progressed Gonzalez occasionally responded with the odd counter attack, but was often thwarted by the fast hands of the Newmarket man.

A sure fire stoppage finish looked on the cards in the final round, as again McAleese caught Gonzalez with a massive left to the ribs. However the durable Gonzalez survived the follow up salvos and went defensive to see out the final couple of minutes. The referee scored the bout 60-54 in favour of a delighted McAleese.

Following a training session, with co-trainer Brian O’Shaughnessy at the TKO Boxing Gym in London, McAleese spoke briefly on the upcoming showdown with Lowe. “Yeah, I’m fighting AA Lowe, just found that out and I don’t know a lot about him yet and I’ll look him up on the internet.

I’m doing everything I need to do in the gym to make sure I’m fit enough and that.

Sparring and everything’s going well. There’s only a couple of weeks to go and I can’t wait to go in the ring in front of the Newmarket crowd. It’s been over a year since I fought there so well due the return.

I sell a lot of tickets in Newmarket, It’s good to do a home fight, I have great fans they follow me wherever I fight so it’s nice that they don’t have to travel. It’s always a great night and it boosts my publicity in Newmarket.

Before the end of the year I want a belt. I want to be a champion, that’s my goal. It’s down to Johnny (Eames) and the team to get it on, I’m sure they will.

The fight on the thirtieth I’m just going to fight my fight, learn from it, to ready myself for a championship ten or twelve rounder in the near future.

I would have liked to have had the trilogy fight with Lee Noble for the Masters title but he’s already said he’s not having any of that again. Think he knew I had beaten him well for eight rounds and that it was a lucky punch that put me down.

Ryan Toms is fighting for the Southern Area, if he wins that I’m more than happy to fight Ryan Toms for the title. Take it off him no problem.

I really appreciate all the support from my fans, they always come out and support the local lad. They come out and never let me down and I’m sure they wont this time.”

‘Phat’ Pat McAleese versus AA Lowe headlines the Graham Earl, in association with Johnny Eames’ TKO Boxing Gym, promoted ‘Return Of The Mac’ Event at Tattersalls Sales Rooms in Newmarket, Suffolk on Saturday 30th April 2011.

Heading up the support for McAleese-Lowe headline bout sees McAleese’s TKO Boxing Gym mate Ian Bailey in his first fight of the year.

The seriously tough Super Bantamweight campaigner from Slough in Berkshire will be in action against Mansfield based Latvian Pavels Senkovs, who was in action at the weekend against Tasif Khan on the undercard of the Amir Khan-Paul McClosky WBA Super Lightweight title clash.

Also on the show is another of McAleese’s TKO Gym mates, Cheshunt’s exciting, unbeaten in seven, Welterweight Bobby Gladman, who takes on the highly experienced Matt Scriven from Nottingham.

Ipswich Super Middleweight debutante Henry Bacon gets his first professional outing against New Milton, Hampshire’s ‘Dangerous’ Danny Goode.

Further bouts are expected to be announced later this week.

Tickets for the Graham Earl, in association with TKO Boxing Gym, Promoted ‘Return Of The Mac’ event at the Tattersalls Sales Rooms in Newmarket on Saturday 30th April 2011 are now on sale and priced £30 (Unreserved) or £50 (Ringside).

For tickets call: 07960 850645, book on-line at or call in person at The TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA.

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Steve Goodwin Sets Sights On ‘Major British Scalp’ For Yassine El Maachi

by on Dec.07, 2010, under Buzz

On top of the world - Yassine El Maachi Celebrates his magnificent victory - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Steve Goodwin Sets Sights On ‘Major British Scalp’ For Yassine El Maachi

Following his superb victory over European number four ranked Jimmy Colas on Saturday, London based Moroccan Light Middleweight Yassine El Maachi has smashed his way into the World rankings and is now justifiably on the verge of international stardom.

Yassine’s performance against Colas was nothing short of electrifying. His was the performance of the year and the bout was without doubt the British ‘Fight of the Year’ by a country mile.

For ten rounds ‘The Showman’ systematically took apart one of Europe’s best Light Middleweights. To put this in context, domestically the only Light Middleweights that were ranked higher than Jimmy Colas are current British Champion Sam Webb and former European Champion Ryan Rhodes.

Yassine El Maachi lets rip against Jimmy Colas - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

It’s a well known fact that most of the British Light Middleweights have actively avoided facing Yassine in the past, including Ryan Rhodes, Prince Arron, Anthony Small, Steve O’Meara etc. Even when Yassine’s Promoter Steve Goodwin offered a £50,000 bonus – if Yassine was knocked out – there were no takers.

Steve had no option but to turn to Europe for opponents, first Bertrand Aloa and then of course Jimmy Colas, but now Yassine is World ranked hopefully the domestic fighters will realise that they can no longer avoid him if they are to be taken seriously and take up the challenge.

Following the fight, Yassine and his promoter Steve Goodwin touched on this subject when they spoke briefly on what the future holds for the most exciting and entertaining Light Middleweight prospect.

Yassine El Maachi corners Jimmy Colas - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

“The guy was 28 wins and 6 losses, I see who he has fought and the guy is tough. I done my job today.” said Yassine on his opponent Jimmy Colas before swiftly moving on to talk about his future plans. “I see myself now as number four in Europe, I would be number four in Europe if I had a British passport.

I hope at last those boxers are going to start chasing me. It’s not like before, I was not ranked so no one wanted to fight me. I’m ranked with the WBC, I’m top twenty or top thirty, I’m not sure I will now check the internet for what’s my ranking now.

BoxRec I will definitely, definitely be under fourty and I’m just looking for who’s going to come next.”

As previously stated many of the British Light Middleweights have actively avoided facing him and to add insult to injury there have been some unsavoury comments coming from Ryan Rhodes and his camp who issued a press release last week saying of Yassine, “He is a complete joke.” and “If I fought him it would be like a Premier League team taking on a side from the Conference in a major cup final.”

Yassine, who didn’t respond to the Rhodes’ comments prior to Saturday’s fight, took the opportunity to address them now, “Ryan Rhodes said I’m not in his league, I’m below his league.

Fair enough but he’s fighting now, the guy’s 109 ranks below me. ONE HUNDRED AND NINE below me. That means he’s fighting a nobody. His rank on BoxRec is 162 and I’m ranked 51, before my fight. This one talks for itself, I don’t have to say much about it.”

Steve Goodwin and Yassine El Maachi - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Yassine’s promoter Steve Goodwin, who was close to bursting a blood vessel and could barely contain himself, had plenty to say on the matter though, “Yassine delivered tonight and I promise Yassine that I’ll deliver back and I hope that we can get these Light Middleweights to stop issuing ridiculous press statements rubbishing him.

Let me tell you something, if Yassine gets a British passport, Ryan Rhodes we’re coming to get you and Ryan Rhodes we’re going to take your title and you know it.

Ryan Rhodes takes on a 39 year old bum and Yassine El Maachi takes on the European number 4, how dare he spout such total nonsense. If Yassine gets him in the ring in 2011 he’ll destroy him.

Roll on 2011 as it will be a defining year for Yassine El Maachi.”

With so much bad blood between the El Maachi and Rhodes camps the prospect of the pair meeting in the near future would seem remote, unless that is Yassine is granted a British passport as then he would then be eligible for British, Commonwealth and European championship honours.

The more likely scenario, with Rhodes publicly stating his intention to challenge for a World title in the coming year and Yassine shooting up the WBC rankings, would be that the pair will one day meet and battle it out for World title honours. Now that is a seriously mouth watering prospect.

Watch this space…

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El Maachi Reigns Supreme – TKO’s Jupp, Boylan, Herdman and O’Callaghan Impress

by on Dec.06, 2010, under Buzz, Fight Reports

Yassine El Maachi celebrates his magnificent victory over Jimmy Colas - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di caro

Those lucky enough to score tickets for Steve Goodwin’s ‘Judgement Day’ event at York Hall on Saturday night were treated to a thrilling night of pugilistic artistry at a level rarely seen these days.

At the end of the five hour, 13 fight marathon, those present, and just those present, as it was an off-TV show, witnessed one of the greatest fights held on British soil this year. Without doubt if this was an on-TV show Yassine El Maachi – Jimmy Colas would be nominated for ‘Fight of the Year’ honours.

Yassine El Maachi put on a masterful display that see him totally outbox Jimmy Colas to retain his International Light Middleweight crown. To describe Yassine’s performance as exceptional would be an understatement, awe inspiring may be a better statement but still wouldn’t get across just how slick, classy and totally dominating his performance over the former EBU-EU, and current WBC Latino Light Middleweight champion was.

From the first bell El Maachi teased and frustrated Colas with his unorthodox attacks. Time after time El Maachi would trip the light fantastic before letting rip with a flurry of punches, leaving Colas lashing out at his shadow. Close to the end of the round the crowd erupted as Colas went crashing to the canvas, albeit from a push, El Maachi sauntered over and stood, hands raised above his head, over the prone Haitian and taunted him to the crowds delight.

Yassine El Maachi put on a dominating performance against Jimmy Colas - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Round two was more of the same El Maachi dancing around and picking off the hapless Colas at will. The third began with El Maachi pawing with his jab before delivering a series of wicked uppercuts that rocked Colas to the core. Towards the end of the round El Maachi stepped up the showboating as the crowd chanted Yassine, Yassine, Yassine.

Rounds four and five were very much more of the same; fluid movement followed by wickedly fast uppercuts and combinations before sashaying away before Colas could even respond. El Maachi was deducted a point by the referee, Jeff Hines, in the final quarter of round five for head butting. The crowd showed their disapproval of the referee‘s decision as it was just a clearly unintentional by-product of his unorthodox movement during a forceful attack.

Rounds six and seven the action continued in the same vein although at a slightly slower pace, which allowed Colas a modicum of close range success. El Maachi stepped the pace up again in round eight which culminated in a scintillatingly fast and vicious right-left combination that rocked Colas.

El Maachi shifted to high gear for the final rounds, in doing so he put on one helluva show and picking off Colas with exquisite uppercuts, right crosses and blisteringly fast combinations. A knockout finish looked to be on the cards but in the end Colas showed his durability by surviving the constant onslaught, and a rather amusing tangle that saw the pair tumble to the canvas in the final seconds of the round.

Referee Jeff Hinds scored the bout 98-92 to the reigning champ Yassine El Maachi.

The main support for El Maachi-Colas featured the resurgent former English Super Featherweight, and current International Masters Lightweight Champion Ryan ‘Mr Attitude’ Barrett against Croatian Almin Kovacevic.

Ryan Barrett sends Almin Kovacevic to the canvas - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Barrett controlled the fight from the opening bell using his super slick jab. Round two saw Barrett mix it up a bit, letting rip with some crisp left hooks that clearly hurt the advancing Kovacevic. More success followed in the third as Barrett again let rip with a vicious hook to the body. Kovacevic was clearly struggling and grabbed Barrett to prevent any chance of a follow-up. Each time Barrett came forward the Croatian would grab hold of Barrett to stifle any attack. Late in the round Kovacevic received a warning for the constant holding.

Kovacevic was again warned in the fourth for holding each time Barrett tried to work up close. The fifth round saw Kovacevic being deducted a point for his constant holding, moments later Barrett pinned him to the ropes with constant left-right barrage of shots, Kovacevic blatantly throwing an elbow into Barrett’s cheek, Barrett responding with a massive left that sent the Croatian crashing to the deck. After taking the eight count Kovacevic then received a second point deduction for the elbow from referee Jeff Hines. Barrett went in for the finish but again Kovacevic grabbed hold, Jeff Hines again separating them, but on the restart Kovacevic thwarted Barrett’s attack by grabbing hold, albeit for the last time as Jeff Hines called a halt to the proceedings by disqualifying Kovacevic for continued holding.

Another disqualification preceded the Barrett-Kovacevic bout. This time John ‘The Gorilla’ Ryder was declared victor after Sabie Montieth was disqualified for illegal use of the head by referee Robert Williams after just 30 seconds of the first round!

Scott Moises sends Richard Hines down and out - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

The major shock of the night came when Canning Town’s hugely popular Super Featherweight debutant Richard Hines was stopped in the third round by Norfolk’s Scott Moises. I say shock as the skillful Hines had easily controlled the first two rounds, and was in charge in the third until Moises let rip with a cracking left-right that sent him crashing to the deck. Hines beat the count but it was clear that his fight was over as his legs wobbled badly as he stood. Referee Robert Williams instantly called the fight off and declared Moises winner by knockout.

Tyler Goodjohn gave a masterful display against the experienced Jason Nesbitt to earn a well deserved 40-36 points decision. Goodjohn controlled the first couple of rounds utilising his jab along with stinging body shots. Nesbitt came back in the early part of the third but Goodjohn had no intention of conceding any ground to the more experienced Brummy and took back control with some exceptional boxing to dominate to the rest of the bout.

'Pretty' Ricky Boylan gave a Boxing Masterclass to Sid Razak - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Prior to Goodjohn-Nesbitt was a lightweight contest featuring the debut of Ultrachem TKO Gym’s ‘Pretty’ Ricky Boylan against Sid Razak of Birmingham. Boylan, a former London ABA finalist, controlled the fight from start with lightning quick combinations that pushed back the normally forward coming Razak.

It was hard to think that Boylan was debuting, as his performance was exceptionally slick and mature in it’s approach. Round after round Razak was having to cover up as Boylan peppered him with solid combinations to the head and body. In the final round ‘Pretty Ricky’ changed tactics and boxed on the back foot but still Razak was unable to get any semblance of control due to Boylan’s impressive movement and powerful combinations. Surprisingly the referee deemed the fight as a 59-56 points win for ‘Pretty’ Ricky and not the clear shut out it was.

Woodford Green’s Light Middleweight Michael Norgrove secured his fourth career victory over the experienced Matt Scriven from Nottingham. I have to say that whilst I do agree with the referee that Norgrove won, I can’t agree with the shutout 60-56 score.

The first couple of rounds were close but as Scriven not only worked harder but also landed the more meaningful shots he should have at least have had one of the accredited to him. Round three was where the turning point of the bout came. Norgrove actually started to fight rather than pose, but still most of his jabs were air-jabs rather than having any serious intent.

Scriven was forced to mount his attacks coming in low under the jabs, which eventually lead to him receiving a warning from the referee for leading with the head in the fourth. The final rounds see Norgrove well in control as he pressured his more experienced opponent before letting rip with a series of crisp combinations. Referee scored the bout 60-56

Daniel Herdman had his hands full against Ryan Clarke - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Stevenage’s Daniel Herdman made a welcome return to the ring, following a two year sabbatical after breaking his hand, against the seriously tough Ryan Clark.

What a cracking fight, neither gave or expected any quarter, both attacked in similar style often finishing off with vicious left-right combinations to the body or head. Herdman, being the much more busier in his attacks, took the first couple of rounds. Clark stepped it up in the third, which would prove to be a very close round, as both had equal success with their heavy handed attacks.

Herdman not only took control of the final round but also came close to securing a stoppage finish mid way through, after following in with a vicious double hand attack after forcing Clarke back onto the ropes. Herdman kept up the pressure until the final bell and was declared victor by a 39-37 points margin.

Welterweight Phil ‘The Phil Gill Experience’ Gill found himself with a much heavier opponent following Jason Carr stepping in to replace Swansea’s Craig Dyer at the last minute. Mind you that didn’t dampen the spirits of the feisty Mr Gill, he seemed to relish hunting down his larger opponent before letting rip with an array of combinations and heavy right hands. Gill had worn Carr down so much that by the final round all Carr could do was dip and sway against the ropes in an effort to avoid the barrage of punches the Terrier like Gill was throwing. Surprisingly the referee deemed the bout a 39-37 victory for Phil Gill and not a shut out as I see it.

Tough debut for Brett O'Callaghan against Billy Smith - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Ultrachem TKO’s Eighteen year old Super Middleweight Brett O’Callaghan made his professional debut against the vastly experienced Billy Smith following Gary Cooper pulling out at the last minute.

The youngster showed maturity beyond his tender years by controlling his much older opponent with fast hands and solid jabs. As the fight moved into to the second half Smith tried to bully the younger O’Callaghan back onto the ropes without success as the savvy youth used smart footwork and his solid jabs to keep Smith at bay.

O’Callaghan baptism of fire ended with a nice 39-37 points victory justifiably in his favour.

The assembled crowd at York Hall were on their feet and in full voice the moment they see the stetson wearing John Wayne Hibbert appear and didn’t abate throughout their heroes six round encounter with William Warburton.

Hibbert ensured that by putting on one of his trademark attacking displays. About the only time the decibel levels dropped was after Hibbert received a cut above the left eye in third round. Hibbert seemed unfazed by the cut as he kept on pressuring Warburton to secure a tidy 59-55 points victory.

'Saint' George Jupp was sensational against Pavels Senkovs - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

The second fight of the night was a rematch for Ultrachem TKO’s exceptional 19 year old Super Featherweight ‘Saint’ George Jupp and Latvian Pavels Senkovs. Back in September Jupp gave Senkovs a boxing master class to secure a clear points victory. Senkovs had revenge on his mind and went straight on the attack, Jupp again used his brain and stayed out of a slugging match responding with solid jabs and accurate left-rights to keep the Latvian at bay. Jupp used his perfect jabs to control and frustrate Senkovs who clearly wanted to avenge his previous loss. Alas Senkovs hopes ended half way through the final round when the referee Jeff Hines stopped the fight due to a rather nasty cut over his left eye.

The opening fight of Judgement Day was Light Middleweight contest between Bobby Gladman and Danny Donchev. Gladman showed some serious class to keep the lively Donchev under control, after a close first round Gladman found his range and totally dominated the middle two rounds. Donchev came on hard again in the final round and although enjoyed some success Gladman landed the more meaningful shots to secure a tidy 39-37 points victory.

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Yassine El Maachi – Jimmy Colas Weights And Quotes.

by on Dec.03, 2010, under Boxing News

Yassine El Maachi - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Yassine El Maachi – Jimmy Colas Weights And Quotes.

The official weigh-in for the Yassine ‘The Showman’ El Maachi – Jimmy ‘Pit Bull’ Colas International Masters Light Middleweight title clash was held at the Ultrachem TKO Gym in Canning Town, London tonight.

Ryan ‘Mr Attitude’ Barrett and Almin Kovacevi also weighed-in ahead of their clash, as main support for El Maachi-Colas at the Steve Goodwin promoted ‘Judgement Day’ event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London.


Yassine El Maachi 11st 0lbs

Jimmy Colas 11st 0lbs

Whilst waiting for Jimmy Colas to arrive a smiling Yassine El Maachi gave his prediction on the fight result. “Well the guy is tough, he’s not really an easy opponent. He’s number four in Europe, so I will probably stop him in round three or four. If not then maybe the fight will go the distance.”

A late arriving Jimmy Colas, speaking through his interpreter, said “I never underestimate my opponents who all deserve respect. I am well prepared to stage a relentless 10-round war against El Maachi.”

Almin Kovacevi and Ryan Barrett - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro


Ryan Barrett 10st 1lb

Almin Kovacevi 9st 13lbs

Following the weigh in Ryan Barrett said “I’m looking forward to fighting tomorrow. It’ll be my first time out since the Mark Alexander blast out. I’d expect to do more rounds this time than what I got from Mark.

I think this guys gonna come and give it 100% for four or five rounds, making it a bit awkward and I expect a nice comfortable points win at the end of it really.

Maybe Steve (Goodwin) could try and drag one of these other top guys into fighting at one of his shows for a major title afterwards.”

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Ultrachem TKO’s Young Guns Set To Shine On Dec 4th

by on Nov.30, 2010, under Buzz

Brett O'Callaghan - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Ultrachem TKO’s Young Guns Set To Shine On Dec 4th

Johnny Eames has a long history of producing champion boxers at his Ultrachem TKO Boxing Gym, located deep in the heart of the East End of London in Canning Town, but since the retirement of WBU Light Heavyweight World Champion Tony ‘Oakey Kokey’ Oakey, British Super Bantamweight Champion Matthew Marsh, and English Light Heavyweight Champion Peter Haymer earlier this year has been without a championship standard bearer.

Not one to be downhearted Johnny has been hard at work signing and developing future title contenders. This coming Saturday four of his ‘Class of 2010’ are in action, two for the very first time, at Steve Goodwin’s ‘Judgement Day’ mega show, headlined by the Yassine El Maachi vs Jimmy Colas International Masters title fight, at York Hall in Bethnal Green.

Even though blizzard like conditions engulfed the whole of London Johnny’s charges still made their way into the gym today (Tuesday) for their final preparations. After training Johnny took the time to talk about each of his new boys.

'Saint' George Jupp - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

The first to receive the Headmaster’s report was Featherweight ‘Saint’ George Jupp from Belvedere, who has had two outings to date.

George’s first against fellow debutant Peter Barney in Portsmouth back in May, which he won convincingly by a tidy 40-37 points decision.

His next fight, at the York Hall in September, against Pavels Senkovs was even better. Right from the opening bell George plain outclassed Senkovs with slick long jabs and lightning fast hands.

Senkovs constantly tried to bully his way back into the fight but nineteen year old George showed a maturity that belied his tender age, by not being drawn into a dangerous toe-to-toe slugging match.

After four scintillating rounds George was rewarded with a shutout 40-36 points decision, as well as a much deserved standing ovation from the packed house.

“I’ve done a few interviews about Georgie Jupp.” stated Johnny “This kid I think is going to go places.

He’s dedicated and keen. Each time he comes into the gym he’s learning and after every fight he learns.

I would tip Georgie as one to watch for the future. He’s only nineteen years of age so he’s got a lot of learning to do yet, so we wont be boxing as regular as the others but we hold out for good things for George.”

Johnny then turned his attention to the baby of the TKO stable, 18 year old Brett O’Callaghan, who faces the tough young Welsh banger Gary Cooper. “Young Brett comes to us as just an eighteen year old and has had a limited amount of amateur fights, probably just thirty or fourty, winning half and losing half, but there’s something about this kid. He’s very dedicated and holds his own with some of the bigger boys in the gym who are obviously a little older and more experienced. For a young ‘un he seems to have learned a lot very, very quickly and I hold out a bright future for young Brett.”

Johnny Eames gives Daniel Herdman padwork at the Ultrachem TKO Gym - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Whilst not one who started his pro career under the watchful eyes of Johnny Eames Stevenage’s Daniel Herdman returns to the ring after a two year sabbatical following breaking his hand back in June ‘08. Johnny gave his candid view on Daniel’s return, “Daniel’s already had four fights with a very good trainer friend of mine, Tony Simms. He broke is hand in his last fight and subsequent to that has been out for the past two years. For whatever reason it may be he felt he needed a change of trainer so we spoke with Tony and let him know first and now he’s here with us at the TKO gym.

This’ll be his first fight with us, he’s been looking very, very good in sparring. It’s just a matter of if we can control him in the ring, because he’s a bit aggressive and a little bit wild. We need to curb that in him but I’m sure that when fight night comes on Saturday Daniel will be boxing Ryan Clark rather than what he feels he should be doing “

'Pretty' Ricky Boylan - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

The final TKO new boy to receive his report card from Johnny is ‘Pretty’ Ricky Boylan, who is set for a baptism of fire as his opponent is the experienced Sid Razak.

“’Pretty’ Ricky’s a great kid.” said Headmaster Eames, “Very, very dedicated, obsessively dedicated I would say. Again he’s only a young ‘un, he’s 22 years of age. He reached the London ABA finals this year.

Unfortunately the fight he’s got is two minute rounds against Sid Razak, who he’s scheduled to be fighting, is two minute rounds which messed up our plans a little bit as we were training to three minute rounds.

Ricky really learns and he’s been coming along really, really well. Del’s (Derek Grainger) done some great work with him, as he has done with all the others on the show, and I’m just looking forward to fight night for them all.

I’m pretty sure it will be a successful night for the four TKO fighters on the show.”

‘Saint’ George Jupp versus TBA, Brett O’Callaghan vesus Gary Cooper, Daniel Herdman versus Ryan Clark and ‘Pretty’ Ricky Boylan versus Sid Razak are part of a huge thirteen fight card supporting Yassine El Maachi versus Jimmy Colas for the International Masters Light Heavyweight title that headlines the Steve Goodwin promoted “JUDGEMENT DAY” event at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Saturday the 4th December 2010.

Tickets for Judgement Day at the York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 4th December 2010 are priced £35 ( (Unreserved) or £60 (Ringside).

For tickets call: 07960 850645, book on-line at or in person at The Ultrachem TKO Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA.

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El Maachi Lashes Out At Prince Arron, Anthony Small And More Ahead of Colas Title Clash.

by on Nov.22, 2010, under Buzz

Yassine El Maachi celebrates winning the International Masters title in April - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

El Maachi Lashes Out At Prince Arron, Anthony Small And More Ahead of Colas Title Clash.

Flamboyant Light Middleweight Yassine El Maachi is clearly in fighting mood ahead of the defense of his International Masters title, against France based Haitian hard man Jimmy Colas at the Steve Goodwin promoted ‘Judgement Day’ double title event at York Hall on Saturday 4th December.

El Maachi, who recently vowed to destroy the European number four ranked Colas, has now turned his venom towards the plethora of British fighters that he feels have avoided him over the years by saying, “The British Boxers know that I would beat all of them so they wont risk it against me.”

The first to receive a personal tongue lashing from El Maachi, who is currently at camp in Scotland with Heavyweight World Title challenger Derrick ‘Del Boy’ Chisora, is Prince Arron, who is set to challenge Sam Webb for his British title early in 2011.

“Prince Arron is not fit to be my sparring partner.” said the London based Moroccan, before continuing, “A false Prizefighter champion. Only won it because I wasn’t in it. He is tall but all that means is he would fall harder when I land on his glass jaw and knock him out. No skill I would tear him apart. Wont be allowed to though, They are scared.”

El Maachi then turned on former British title holder Anthony Small, “The guy is a joke. All the mouth and my friend Sam Webb beat him.

Steve offered £50,000 for him if he could knock me out. They turned the fight down with a ludicrous reason that I wouldn’t put in print.

I sparred with him and played with him like a little baby. He has his own issues now so I doubt the fight will ever happen.”

Clearly no love of Anthony Small then by ‘The Showman’ and it seems his feelings on Steve O’Meara are of a similar vein, “Steve O’Meara: or Steve O’Chicken. Should quit boxing as he must be scared of his own shadow.”

Whilst Prince Arron, Anthony Small and Steve O’Meara were to receive the full brunt of El Maachi’s verbal onslaught, his view’s on other well known British Light Middleweights were a little more reserved.

“Full credit to Ryan Rhodes for what he has done and resurrected his career” commented El Maachi before saying, “but against me there’s only one winner and that’s me. I have too much class speed and angles for him. He’s Hattons Golden Boy and I would destroy him and end his career. They know it.”

‘The Showman’ then maneuvered his sights towards Northolt’s Ryan Toms, who recently beat Daryl Setterfield in a rematch, “Would love to smash his 0 and win the southern Area title against him. It would be man against boy.” Before locking his sight fully on former opponent Brett Flournoy. “Beat me when I was a journeyman and going just to lose. I would destroy him now.”

Next to receive El Maachi’s sharp tongue was former Commonwealth Champion Bradley Pryce, “Steve (Goodwin) had agreed a fight with Enzo Calzaghe. Then Bradley changed managers to Gary Lockett and Gary turned it down. Another one too scared to fight me.”

El Maachi then spoke in much gentler terms of Craig Watson, “Craig is a solid tough fighter. Beat Badru Lusumbya which I could have done with one hand behind my back. Craig is a league below me.” and Nathan Graham “His manager Spencer Fearon has already turned down me fighting him. He wouldn’t last 4 rounds and he knows it.”

Surprisingly El Maachi showed that whilst he has no time or respect for many of the current names on the British Light Middleweights, there were exceptions. This was best shown by his views on Lee Noble, “One punch from him beat Pat McAleese. Pat was winning the fight easily until this happened. To be fair to Lee he will box anyone. He is one of the few who is not scared but he knows I would just destroy him.”

Almost a compliment from El Maachi there and even more so when he turned his attention to Max Maxwell, “Full credit to him for beating Brian Rose. He was going to box me until he beat Rose then turned the fight down (understandably) as he had a potential opportunity to box Sam Webb for the British title which did not materialise.”

Just on the mere mention of the British Light Middleweight Champion Sam Webb’s name El Maachi’s tone softened considerably, “Sam is a good friend of mine and I have the utmost respect for him. I hope he does well and maybe one day we will meet for the World Title. That would be nice.”

Yassine El Maachi versus Jimmy Colas for the International Masters Light Heavyweight title headlines the Steve Goodwin promoted “JUDGEMENT DAY” double title event at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Saturday the 4th December 2010.

Co-headlining ‘Judgement Day’ will be Ryan ‘Mr Attitude’ Barrett who will be defending his newly won International Masters Lightweight title, against the heavy hitting Hungarian knockout artist Istvan Nagy.

Supporting El Maachi-Colas and Barrett-Nagy are twelve top class bouts featuring the cream of local talent.

Tickets for Judgement Day at the York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 4th December 2010 are priced £35 ( (Unreserved) or £60 (Ringside).

For tickets call: 07960 850645, book on-line at or in person at The Ultrachem TKO Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA.

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Bermondsey’s Marston Looks To Follow In Haye’s Footsteps

by on Nov.09, 2010, under Buzz

Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

As Bermondsey, South London’s most famous boxing son David ‘Hayemaker’ Haye enters the final stages of his preparations to defend his WBA Heavyweight World title against former Olympic Gold medalist Audley Harrison, in Manchester on the 13th November, another Bermondsey resident, Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston, prepares to begin her journey as a professional boxer with World Championship aspirations, a little closer to home at York Hall in Bethnal Green, East London, just a few weeks later on the 4th December.

Whilst we all know David’s story – excellent amateur career, as a professional only lost one fight in 25 outings, secured the European, WBC, WBA and WBO Cruiserweight titles and then after only his second fight at the weight lifted the WBA World Heavyweight title after beating Nikolay Valuev – Marianne’s is just as impressive, albeit in a very different way.

Marianne receiving instruction from Joe Frazier - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Marianne’s story is far more international than local. She was discovered and mentored by legendary Heavyweight Champion of the World Smokin’ Joe Frazier, who went on record stating Marianne will be World Champion, and was very much part of Cruiserweight Champion of the World Steve ‘USS’ Cunningham’s Philadelphia based team before returning to London where she is now managed by Johnny Eames and trained by Derek Grainger at their Ultrachem TKO Gym team in Canning Town.

Marianne explained how she came to be trained in America in the first place, “It was while I was on a business trip, I accidentally met Joe Frazier at a coffee shop in Philadelphia. I didn’t even realise it was him at the time.

The only spare places were at my table and Joe asked if it was OK to sit there. We got talking and the conversation got onto boxing and I told him I had been training a bit. He asked me to show him my shadow boxing, so I did. He then told me who he was and gave me a card, which I still have and treasure, and then said to come and try out at his gym.

I was so nervous, I mean this is the man that beat Ali and was World Champion. I mean he’s a legend. Anyway I did, he liked me and asked me to join his team.

Unfortunately Joe had to close the gym in 2008 so I moved my training to The James Shuler Memorial Gym in West Philadelphia.

After I had been training there a couple of months Steve and Livvy (Cunningham) invited me to be part of their team. I really loved my time at Shulers, that place is a true fight factory. I would be training alongside Steve, Eddie (‘Fast’ Eddie Chambers), Yusuf (Mack) and many other champions. It was awesome.”

Her clear ability earned her the kudos of being offered an unprecedented twelve fight contract by American promoter Ivan Cohen. Her American debut was due to be in May last year against former American sparring partner Christina Leadbeater. Unfortunately that was not to be as when her required visa was turned down by the American Embassy in London.

“It was like being stabbed through the heart” Marianne said of the Embassy refusing her visa. “They said that Women’s boxing is not a professional sport. It’s crazy I had all the right paperwork and a twelve fight contract in my hand yet they wouldn’t take me seriously. It had been OK for me to train in America, have a home in America but they wouldn’t let me box professionally in America.

Ivan (Cohen) went berserk hearing that, so did the Philadelphia press who campaigned for me to be allowed to fight there.”

Not being one to give up on her dream Marianne initially went to a local gym at London Bridge before moving to the Ultrachem TKO Gym in Canning Town where she impressed Johnny Eames, whose disapproval of Women’s boxing is legendary, and became the first female boxer signed to his highly successful boxing stable.

“It’s an honour to be part of the Ultrachem TKO team. TKO is just like Shulers it’s a true pro boxing gym, it really is the best boxing gym in Europe.” Marianne said of her UK training base. “Shulers has some of America’s best coaches and fighters, TKO has many of the UK’s best. It even feels like Shulers at times, I feel really at home there. I mean they are great coaches and I train alongside some world class British fighters.

Marianne with Kevin Mitchell at the Ultrachem TKO Gym - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

On only my second day at TKO I was shadow boxing in one of the rings and Kevin Mitchell climbed in and shadow boxed alongside me. I stopped at one point as I had spotted a move he had made out of the corner of my eye.

During the break I mentioned it to him and he showed me exactly what the move was. He was preparing for his fight with Michael Katsides at the time yet he took the time to help me. Now that’s class. That’s TKO.

Derek (Grainger) was a great boxer and is an top class coach. But it’s not just Derek when you’re a TKO fighter. If Derek can’t make it in for any reason I am coached by Johnny (Eames) or Alec (Wilkey) and Brian (Lawrence), Jimmy (Tibbs) and Mark (Tibbs) often watch the sparring and give advice, as do some of the fighters. It really is a family, everyone cares about every fighter and will help when they can.”

Marianne’s British debut will be against the very tough Lana Cooper from Wales, as such Johnny Eames arranged quality sparring with the highly experienced Welterweight Angel ‘The Artist’ McKenzie and the UK’s number one Lightweight Laura Saperstein, who have both fought Lana Cooper, as well as Olympian Ruth Raper and unbeaten Bantamweight Laura Norton to ensure she will be fight ready.

“There’s nothing like good sparring to get ready for a fight and Johnny and Derek have got me the best.” Marianne said, “I’ve sparred with Angel a lot and also previously sparred Ruth but have yet to spar either Laura and am looking forward to our sessions over the coming weeks.

With the world class training and sparring I will be 100% ready for Lana. We’re both pressure fighters so I expect it to be a real tear up. I’ll enjoy that, I’m ready for that.”

We couldn’t let Marianne go without first asking who she expects to win the upcoming David ‘Hayemaker’ Haye versus Audley ‘A Force’ Harrison fight. “I was there, right in the front row, when Audley knocked out Michael Sprott for the European title.” Marianne said before continuing, “It was a wicked left, lethal. but that’s about all he did all fight, Michael was less than two minutes from winning by a clear margin.

I think David is by far the more complete boxer. Against Valuev he stayed out of range, attacked at pace and got out before Valuev could let rip with any big shots. I think he’ll do the same with Audley. Definitely David Haye will still be the champ at the end of the night.”

Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston versus Lana Cooper will be supporting Yassine El Maachi defense of his International Masters Light Middleweight title, against Jimmy Colas at the Steve Goodwin promoted “Judgement Day” double title event at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Saturday the 4th December 2010.

For tickets, priced £35 (Unreserved) and £60 (Ringside), call 07960 850645, book on-line at or in person at The Ultrachem TKO Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA.

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I’ll Humiliate El Maachi Says Jimmy Colas Ahead Of Dec 4th Title Clash

by on Nov.08, 2010, under Buzz

WBC Latino Light Middleweight Champion Jimmy Colas today spoke for the first time about his upcoming International Masters clash with Yassine El Maachi at the Steve Goodwin promoted ‘Judgement Day’ double title super show at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 4th December.

“I am coming to England as I want to show the British public who Jimmy Colas is and this will be nothing more than an exhibition match.” said the France based Haitian before continuing, “There is no British Light Middleweight who can beat me. El Maachi is not even in the top 10 of what I consider to be your poor quality boxers. In Britain you all protect your boxers.”

Although having fought most of his fights in France, Colas has shown that he is not just happy to travel, having traveled to Germany to secure the European Union Light Middleweight title in 2005 and Haiti when he won the WBC Latino title last year, but actively craves fighting on the world scene.

“I fight anybody and when the chance came to fight El Maachi I jumped at it. I have looked at El Maachi on the internet and he offers nothing.” before turning his focus beyond the El Maachi clash, “It will be an easy fight for me and then I want to box Lukas Konecny for the European title. I lost a majority points decision, hotly disputed which I really won, in 2009 to Konecny and look what he did to your Matthew Hall.”

The importance of this contest is not lost on Colas, or El Maachi to that matter, as the victor will rocket up the world rankings. However Colas is in bullish mood and makes it quite clear that he intends that it will be him in contention for a world title shot in 2011 with his parting shot, “El Maachi will be humiliated in front of his own fans. I will make it a painful night for him.”

Yassine El Maachi versus Jimmy Colas for the International Masters Light Middleweight title will take place at the Steve Goodwin promoted “JUDGEMENT DAY” double title super show at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Saturday the 4th December 2010.

Co-headlining ‘Judgement Day’ will be Ryan ‘Mr Attitude’ Barrett who will be defending his newly won International Masters Lightweight title, against the heavy hitting Hungarian knockout artist Istvan Nagy.

There are no less than twelve top class support fights including the highly anticipated all girl Featherweight clash, rescheduled from September 11th, between Ultrachem TKO Boxing Gym’s Marianne ‘Golden Girl’ Marston, and the highly experienced Welsh battler Lana Cooper.

Tickets for Judgement Day at the York Hall, Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 4th December 2010 are on sale now – priced £35 (Unreserved) or £60 (Ringside).

For tickets call: 07960 850645, book on-line at or in person at The Ultrachem TKO Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA.

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