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Fight Report: Conquest Cruises To Victory, The Mac Returns and Buglioni Plain Sensational

by on Nov.19, 2011, under Fight Reports

Fight Report: Conquest Cruises To Victory, The Mac Returns and Buglioni Plain Sensational

Photos and Report by Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

With the proposed Lee Selby vs John Simpson British and Commonwealth title clash falling through Francis and George Warren pulled out all the stops to ensure that Friday’s BoxNation televised event at the York Hall in London was up to the standard of their previous excellent events.

The brothers first elevated chief support – the Tony Conquest versus Toks Owoh Southern Area Cruiserweight Title clash – to main event and drafted in former two time Cruiserweight World Champion Enzo Maccarinelli to face Hungary’s unbeaten Georgy Marosi, in a Light Heavyweight contest, as chief support.

In hindsight the Warren boys could have saved a little money, they didn’t need to pay out more money for a pair of big names, as the undercard was nothing short of top class, and any of the bouts could easily have been designated chief support and the paying public would have been just as happy.

On the same subject I could quite easily start with the opening fight of the night, which was a cracking Heavyweight bout between Tom Little and Hastings Rasani, but I wont, I’ll start with the main event of the evening – Tony ‘The Conqueror’ Conquest versus Toks Owoh.

There was no doubt that both protagonists took this regional title tilt seriously, both looked the part and more importantly both were well prepared for a ten round war, as that’s what we got.

Right from the off both went for it hammer and tongs, no sizing the other up or pacing themselves. Owoh set out his stall by utilising his excellent jab but Conquest was more than ready for that and used superb movement to avoid before countering with stiff jabs or body shots of his own. It was a fairly close round but I scored it in favour of Conquest as he was a little more active and landed the more meaningful shots.

The highly experienced Owoh was a little more savvy in the second stanza and started to mix it up a bit more, letting rip with big shots to the head and body. However the younger Conquest was just too fast for the veteran and often landed his volleys first. By mid round Conquest had really settled in, at a fast pace, and started to control things with relative ease.

Conquest was in a groove and in the third started to showcase his full arsenal of punches, tight uppercuts and scything hooks on the inside and big left-rights from every conceivable angle when at range.

Round four was a barnstorming slugfest, both warriors just stood toe-to-toe and let rip. Even though working on the inside should have suited Owoh better it was Conquest’s speed that was still the telling factor. Before Owoh could let off any telling shots Conquest would fire off a salvo of wickedly fast sharp rights to the body, forcing Owoh to take a step back before countering. Each time Owoh threw a shot Conquest had already countered with two or three heavier shots back.

More of the same in the middle rounds with Conquest piling on the pressure and beating Owoh to the punch virtually every time.

By the start of the eighth Owoh was clearly down on points and needing a knockout. However the pace that Conquest had set was causing the former World Super Middleweight star big problem, Owoh started to look dejected and covered up more and more, to no avail as Conquest kept up the relentless assault and was getting way too much success.

Things got worse for Owoh in the ninth, Conquest stepped it up another gear and plain broke down Owoh’s guard with a relentless double handed assault. Conquest was on fire and looked to get his first championship belt by way of a stoppage finish. Throughout the round the Romford man just backed up Owoh and let rip with every conceivable punch, to which Owoh barely replied. Referee Ken Curtis started to take a close look at Owoh to ensure that he could still defend himself, Owoh was clearly aware of Curtis’ presence as each time he got close Owoh would let rip with a half hearted flurry. Early in the final minute Conquest landed a massive uppercut, that sent Owoh’s gum shield skittering across the canvas. Owoh looked relieved as Curtis stopped the action to retrieve the errant piece of plastic and took advantage of the short break to get his breath back.

With strict instruction from his corner Conquest slowed the pace in the final round and worked on the outside. However Owoh was still unable to gain any advantage as Conquest still easily outworked , out-punched and plain-outclassed the former star for the whole three minutes to be rightly crowned the BBBofC Southern Area Cruiserweight Champion and earn a title showdown with British Champion Leon ‘Solid’ Williams on January 13th.

For the record, referee Ken Curtis who scored it 100-91 in favour of Conquest.

Preceding the main event see Southampton’s undefeated Light Welter Matty Tew against Crawley’s ‘Rockin’ Robin Deakin.

Now if Tew and his army of supporters thought that this was going to be a walk in the park they were going to be mightily disappointed. Deakin always comes to fight and boy oh boy did he turn it on last night for the TV cameras.

The first round was a pretty close, after the initial ‘sussing out’ period Deakin obviously felt confident enough to take it to the Southampton man. There was some excellent exchanges throughout with Deakin doing most of the play making and forcing Tew play off the jab or counter. The round could have gone either way to be honest but I gave it to Tew, as even though he threw a lot less punches than Deakin, they were by far the more telling.

As I said the first round was close, but the second was even closer still. Again it was Deakin setting the pace and outworking Tew, on the other hand Tew landed the better shots, just not enough in my book to secure the round and as such I marked it down as a draw.

More of the same in the third, with Deakin controlling centre ring to force Tew on to the back foot. As in the previous rounds Deakin was by far the busiest and throwing a lot more shots that Tew, but it was Tew that landed the meaningful shots. Personally I scored this round in favour of Deakin as again Tew didn’t do enough to secure the round, or in this case even earn a draw.

As before the final round was a storming all action affair with Deakin taking the fight to Tew, who must have been aware it was going to be close on points as he stepped up the work rate. Deakin is as savvy as they come and used every trick in the book to keep Tew tied up, Tew on the other hand wasn’t prepared to allow Deakin to get too much success this round and started to utilise his jab and combinations more to easily secure the final round.

There was no surprise when referee Ken Curtis raised Tew’s hand aloft, but when MC Mike Goodall announced the score as 40-36, in favour of Tew, I was more than a little surprised, as well as disappointed for Deakin who had made this fight what it was – a cracker.

The highly anticipated return of former WBU/WBO Cruiserweight World Champion Enzo Maccarinelli, making his first appearance in the Light Heavy division, preceded Tew-Deakin.

Maccarinelli’s opponent, Budapest’s Gyorgy Marosi, came to the UK with an unbeaten record, if he thought he had any chance of returning to Hungary with it intact that was soon dispelled at the weigh in. Maccarinelli stands 6’4” and Marosi, who is listed on BoxRec as 5’11 1/2”, considerably shorter at around 5’9” at best.

No surprise than that Maccarinelli dominated the early going with solid jabbing, about the best the much shorter Marosi could do was launch himself and let rip with big overhand rights, trouble is Maccarinelli barely had to move to get out the way and pick off the off balance Hungarian.

About midway through the round Big Mac landed a wicked left hook that sent Marosi stumbling back onto the ropes, Maccarinelli instantly crashed a big overhand right to the Hungarian’s forehead. Before Big Mac could fire off another shot referee stepped in and stopped the fight on the one minute and thirty one second mark.

Maccarinelli got the first win under his belt at Light Heavy and in doing so showed the viewing public that he still has the big punches in his arsenal.

Whilst Big Mac stopping Marosi wouldn’t come as much surprise to most, the smart money would never have been on young Frank Buglioni, on only his second pro outing, doing the same to former Southern Area Champ, and awkward southpaw, Paul Morby.

Right from the off the Mark Tibbs trained, at the TRAD TKO Gym in Canning Town, youngster took control with clinical solid jabs, often followed up with double handed flurries of shots. Barely had the fight got underway before one such assault sent Morby back to the ropes, and moments later to the canvas for the first time.

Morby got to his feet as referee Ken Curtis completed the count. Buglioni took full advantage of the clearly still dazed and confused state of the Portsmouth man and started another full on double handed assault, that sends Morby back to the canvas.

As Morby rises his legs have clearly gone, Curtis is quick to notice this and instantly waves off the fight at the two minute ad thirty seven second mark.

Buglioni is definitely one to watch, it was one thing stopping the highly erratic Sabie Monteith, but to stop Morby in just one round is something else altogether. The problem Francis and George Warren are going to now have is who do you match him up with, it’s hard to revert to journeymen after such a meaningful win, which means that Buglioni is going to have to be fast tracked against better and better opposition.

I spoke with young Frankie at the end of the evening and put this to him, his response was “I don’t want to take a step back after tonight, I want even tougher competition.”

Prior to Buglioni’s sensational victory over Morby his TRAD TKO gym mate Billy Morgan was in action, against Marc Callaghan.

Morgan performance was equally sensational as gym mate’s Buglioni’s, albeit in a a very different way.

Right from the off Morgan was clearly a class and half above Callaghan. The youngster was in total control from start to finish and showcased his fully stocked arsenal with aplomb.

The effectiveness of his work soon see copious amounts of blood leaking from a deep cut on Callaghan’s forehead, which was caused by a succession of big overhand rights.

Referee Jeff Hinds took a long hard look at the cut at the end of the first and decided it wasn’t too serious and the bout was allowed to continue.

As in the first Morgan dominated the proceedings and put on one helluva boxing display to easily secure each and every round, as was reflected by Hinds’ 40-36 score.

It really was a superb victory for the Jimmy and Mark Tibbs trained fighter. Last night the Canning Town youngster showed Francis and George Warren that it’s time for him to step up from four rounders, don’t be surprised to see him in a six rounder on his next outing.

The opening fight of the night see former World Champ Graham Earl’s heavyweight discovery Tom Little make his second pro outing, against the highly experienced Hastings Rasani.

24 year Little showed little respect for his seasoned opponent and just plain went all out for a knockout from the start. Each time Rasani came in range Little let rip with a big right.

Rasani’s been in with the best so used his experience to keep Little at bay as much as possible, but Little was bursting with youthful exuberance and would constantly push forward, which caused Rasani to rethink his game plan.

Rasani started to stand his ground and trade but the big lad from Hatfield proved to be just too big and strong and as such easily dominated each and every round on his way to a shutout 40-36 points victory.

As I said at the beginning Francis and George Warren had put together a really strong card that even after losing the Selby-Simpson title fight proved to be yet another top class night of boxing by their fledgling Queensberry Promotions organisation.

Roll on their next show and more importantly after watching Tony Conquest’s performance last night I for one can’t wait for the 13th January when he gets to face Leon Williams. Mind you can’t see him dominating that one as much as he did against Toks Owoh, especially as Williams is a big punching fighter who likes to walk his opponents down – oh and Williams knocked Conquest out in just 45 seconds when they last met.

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Williams Backs Conquest To Win Southern Area Title This Friday

by on Nov.15, 2011, under Buzz

Tony Conquest in actiona gainst Prince George Akrong earlier this year - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Williams Backs Conquest To Win Southern Area Title This Friday

This coming Friday Romford’s hot Cruiserweight prospect Tony ‘Conqueror’ Conquest gets his first shot at a Championship title, when he faces Chalk Farm’s former World ranked star Toks Owoh for the vacant BBBofC Southern Area Cruiserweight title, at Francis and George Warren’s Queensberry Promotions event at York Hall in Bethnal Green on Friday, 18th November – which will also broadcast live on BoxNation (Sky platform channel 456)

The outcome of Friday’s showdown between Conquest and Owoh is very much of interest to new British Cruiserweight Champion Leon ‘Solid’ Williams, not just because it’s for the belt he vacated just a few weeks ago – in order to challenge, and beat, long time champ Rob Norton for his coveted Lonsdale belt – but because whoever wins this intriguing battle, between a wily old fox and the new kid on the block, will be his next opponent early in 2012.

Leon Williams puts his weight behind his friend Tony Conquest to win this FRiday - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Following a training session at the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town, a relaxed Williams said, “I see Tony Conquest beating Toks comfortably, he’s got good movement, good footwork and good work rate, Toks wont be able to get near him.

Tony’s a young man, twelve years younger than Toks, and he’s on the way up.

The same can’t be said for Toks, he’s thirty nine years old and really doesn’t have anywhere to go.

Don’t get me wrong, he was a world class fighter in his day, at Super Middle, but just hasn’t shined as a Cruiser, he’s a shadow of that guy who earned a World title shot at the turn of this century.

Tony’s unbeaten in seven and is determined to make his mark as a pro. He’ll be well prepared for anything Toks can bring on the night.

Basically, I’m sure it will be Tony that’ll win and will be fighting me in January. That’ll be a great fight for the fans.

Tony’s a good friend of mine but it’s a fight, it’s business and I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do and he’s got to do what he’s got to do.

Hopefully we’ll keep our friendship afterwards, but during the fight it’s a fight, nuff said.”

Tony Conquest versus Toks Owoh for the vacant BBBofC Southern Area Cruiserweight title features on Francis and George Warren’s Queensberry promotion event, headlined by Enzo Maccarinelli versus Gyorgy Marosi, which takes place at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, and broadcast live on BoxNation (Sky Platform Ch. 456), on Friday the 18th November 2011.

Tickets, priced £60 (Ringside) and £40 (Standard Seated), are available now on-line at or from the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA

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Big Fight Preview: Return Of The Mac – Enzo Maccarinelli Vs. Gyorgy Marosi

by on Nov.14, 2011, under Buzz

Big Fight Preview: Return Of The Mac – Enzo Maccarinelli Vs. Gyorgy Marosi

By Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Francis and George Warren may be new to the boxing promotions business, but no one can deny they have hit the ground running. Their first show produced a ‘Fight of the Year’ front runner, when Liam Walsh successfully defended his Commonwealth title in a proper barnstorming battle royale with Paul Appleby. Their second event see new star signing, Cruiserweight Leon ‘Solid’ Williams, wrestle the Lonsdale belt from long time Champ Rob Norton’s iron grip.

For their third event, at York Hall in Bethnal Green on Friday 18th November, and live on BoxNation (Sky platform channel 456) Francis and George have another major battle headlining, as former WBU and WBO Cruiserweight World Champion Enzo Maccarinelli makes his welcome return to the ring… as a Light Heavyweight.

Big Mac’s opponent on Friday will be unbeaten Gyorgy Marosi. This will be no easy fight for Maccarinelli, as Marosi is a tough battler who has stopped eight of his twelve opponents and is the reigning Hungarian Super Middleweight Champion.

Whilst I do not know too much about Marosi’s fights, well all the reports are in Hungarian and whilst I do speak various languages Hungarian is not one of them. Saying that I have had a good look at his record though.

The first thing that struck me was this guy is a fast starting big hitter – having stopped six opponents in two rounds or less, one in the third and one in the fifth. His biggest scalp to date is Arnold Turos, who was 14-1 with six KO’s when he faced Marosi, who stopped him in the first round.

Now Maccarinelli is another thing altogether, how could I not know about his career, I’m a big fan of the Cruiserweight division and he was a two time World Champion.

As a Cruiserweight Maccarinelli overcame an early career loss, to Lee Swaby in only his fourth contest, to build up an impressive record before becoming. one of the biggest names on the World scene.

With ten excellent wins, seven within the distance, under his belt since the loss to Swaby, the Welshman challenged for the vacant WBU World title, against the seriously tough Bruce ‘Lionheart’ Scott. Maccarinelli overcome a first round knockdown to stop the durable Scott in the fourth and lift the coveted crown.

Maccarinelli successfully defended his crown seven times, with only two going the full distance. His first, against Andrei Karsten in September 2003, lasted just one minute and ten seconds. His second victim, sorry opponent, Earl Morais fared just a little better, having lasted until the one minute thirty second mark before being knocked out.

In February 2004 Garry Delaney visited the canvas no less than seven times before referee Dave Parris decided to call a halt to the proceedings after two minutes and thirty seven seconds of the eighth round.

Five months later Ismail Abdoul achieved something no one else had during Maccarinelli’s reign to that point, he went the distance. Saying that he was totally outclassed by the Swansea man, who had out pointed the Belgium by a 120-108 and 119-109 (twice) margin.

Two further stoppage finishes followed, a third round knockout of Jesper Kristiansen in September 2004 and a fourth round stoppage of America’s Rich LaMontagne in January 2005.

For his final defense, of the WBU title, Maccarinelli faced and beat former British, Commonwealth and WBU World Champion Mark Hobson in a thrilling encounter at the M.E.N. in Manchester in March 2006.

In his next bout Maccarinelli challenged Marcelo Fabian Dominguez for the interim WBO title. In yet another thriller Big Mac added another stoppage finish to his record, this time a ninth round TKO finish.

Seven months after their first encounter Maccarinelli and Mark Hobson again went to war, this time for the full WBO World crown. Big Macc took no chances and dispatched Hobson after just one minute and eleven seconds of the first round.

In April 2007 American Bobby Gunn crossed the Atlantic to try his luck against Swansea’s finest, without success as Big Mac stopped him after just two minutes and thirty five seconds of the first round.

three months later another American, Wayne Braithwaite, made the trip to see if he could do what Gunn couldn’t and take the belt away from Maccarinelli. He couldn’t either although he did manage to go the distance to become the only person that did during Big Mac’s reign as WBO champ.

In November 2007 Mohamed Azzaoui made the even longer flight, from New Zealand, but got sent back home after just fifty eight seconds of the fourth round.

Then it was the big one, on the 8th March 2008 Maccarinelli and WBC/WBA World Champion David Haye locked horns in a unification Battle Royale. The fierce battle lasted just over five minutes before the almighty Haye became the unified Champ.

One non-championship bout followed before Maccarinelli was back on the Championship trail, this time against American exiled Brit Ola Afolabi for the interim WBO title. Maccarinelli’s fans could see their man easily cruising towards another title, when the unthinkable happened – Afolabi, who was way behind on points, was under big pressure and was backed up to the ropes, as Maccarinelli started to unload Afolabi let rip with a sharp right and sent Big Mac down and out.

Maccarinelli brush him self down and in his very next fight challenged Denis Lebedev for the vacant WBO Inter-Continental belt. Big Mac’s luck had run out as after just two minutes and twenty seconds of the third round referee Terry O’Connor called a halt to the proceedings to save Maccarinelli suffering another knockout.

Two further non-championship bouts followed, neither opponent were to go the distance, before Maccarinelli challenged Alexander Kotlobay for the vacant European crown. The Mac was back, having dispatched Kotlobay in just two minutes and fifteen seconds of the first round.

Unfortunately Maccranelli’s reign came to an abrupt halt, after being dropped twice heavily in the seventh round, by challenger Alexander Frenkel in September 2009.

Maccarinelli decided to switch to the Light Heavyweight division earlier this year and on Friday will make his first outing at this new weight. Word is he is stronger at the lower weight so even though Bonfire night was just over a week ago you can expect fireworks on Friday night.

Heading up the support is Tony Conquest versus Toks Owoh for the vacant Southern Area Cruiserweight title. New British Champ Leon Williams is sure to be taking a lot of interest in this fight, as it’s rumoured that the winner of this then gets to face him early in the new year.

This will be former World #3 ranked Super Middleweight Owoh’s first shot at a Cruiserweight belt.

With just two wins under his belt since moving to the division, back in March, Owoh may find his much younger opponent too much to handle. Conquest is some twelve years Owoh’s junior and is unbeaten in seven outings.

The leveler may be experience, Owoh has not only fought eighteen times more than Conquest but has also fought a Championship bout previously, having fought and lost to American Glenn Johnson for the IBF Inter-Continental Super Middleweight title.

The undercard features a plethora of local prospects, including the exciting young Lightweight prospect Billy Morgan, who is coached by the legendary Jimmy Tibbs and his son Mark at the TRAD TKO gym in Canning Town, and Graham Earl’s unbeaten protégé, Heavyweight Tom Little.

Southampton’s unbeaten Light Welterweight Matty Tew makes his first trip to the famous York Hall, whilst Light Heavyweight Menay Edwards makes a much shorter trip from Crayford.

Finally, and adding an International flavour to the proceedings, is Norwegian Featherweight Andreas Evensen. Some may remember former WBO Inter-Continental Champion Evensen, as last year he crossed the North Sea to unsuccessfully challenge WBO World Champ Ricky Burns for his Super Featherweight crown.

Francis and George Warren’s Queensberry promotion event, headlined by the Enzo Maccarinelli versus Gyorgy Marosi, takes place at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, and broadcast live on BoxNation (Sky Platform Ch. 456), on Friday the 18th November 2011.

Tickets, priced £60 (Ringside) and £40 (Standard Seated), are available now on-line at or from the TRAD TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA

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Fight Report: Search And Destroy, York Hall June 4th

by on Jun.06, 2011, under Fight Reports

Fight Report: Search And Destroy, York Hall June 4th

Report, Photos and Interviews by Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Saturday’s Search & Destroy was set to be an historic occasion right from the off, as the event was being promoted by the youngest professional boxing promoter ever, twenty year old Olivia Goodwin.

Considering her tender years Olivia put on one heluva show, initially the event was planned as a sixteen bout double title show but as is the professional game there were a few dropouts, including the planned British Masters title fight between Toks Owoh and Tony Conquest. On the night ended up as still with a whooping thirteen fight card crammed to the gills with quality, closely matched bouts and all the razzmatazz you would expect from a major Championship event.

Headlining the show see Thamesmead’s Ryan ‘Mr Attitude’ Barrett making his first defense of the International Masters Lightweight title he won in spectacular style, stopping Mark Alexander in just 96 seconds, back in September.

Barrett’s opponent was the former Kenyan Champion Geoffrey ‘The Tiger’ Munika, a dangerous opponent who had held British Welterweight Champion Lee Purdy to a draw previously.

The first round started quite slow, after about a minute or so Barrett was the first to dip his toes in the water, letting rip with a solid jab quickly followed by a solid left hook. Munika tried to respond but before he could Barrett let rip with a double handed attack ending with a massive overhand left that shook the Kenyan to the core. How Munika stayed on his feet God only knows, but he did and managed to stay out of too much trouble to see out the round. Easy round to score as Ryan was on top most of the round.

The knock down may not have come in the first round but it sure did in the second, and it came fast. Barrett was out of the blocks in a flash, Munika had barely got three foot from his corner before the first of Barrett’s exocets hit the target. The Kenyan dipped and swayed in an attempt to avoid the wave after wave of big lefts and rights raining down on him, then just as he tried to respond with a jab he got caught by a massive left that sent him back towards the ropes and crashing to the canvas.

The shot was massive and no one really expected Munika to recover, but he did. As soon as Munika was on his feet Barrett went back on the attack and an early finish looked on the cards. Wrong, Munika decided to stand and trade before turning to more savvy defensive tactics to see the round out. 10-8 round to Barrett.

The third, fourth and fifth rounds the pace slowed, as Barrett had switched to long game tactics, and some nice tidy boxing came from both men. In all rounds the most most work and meaningful shots were all from Barrett, earning him the rounds easily.

Going into the sixth Barrett was already five rounds and a knockdown up and looked to be cruising to an easy victory, that is until the unthinkable happened. Early on in the sixth both started mixing it up on the inside, Barrett looked comfortably in control but in a flash things would change.

The crowd jumped to their feet in unison as the Londoner collapsed onto to all fours, following receiving a short, sharp left to the body. Barrett was clearly in a lot of discomfort, the paramedics and doctor rushed into the ring as referee Ken Curtis waved the fight off.

Following receiving the International Master Lightweight belt, from the Masters Organisation’s supremo Bruce Baker, Geoffrey Munika said, “Ryan Barrett is a good fighter, he handled me well today but I got him with a lucky punch. He’s a good fighter.

Now I’m talking with Danny and my other trainer and I want the Commonwealth title now. I’ve been in this boxing business four years now so I would like to fight someone like Derry Matthews, yeah I want the Commonwealth title.”

The main support for the title fights was due to pit the talented London based Dutch Cruiserweight Mitchell Balker against equally tough Hari ‘H Bomb’ Miles. However due to spraining his ankle on Thursday the bout was called off.

In place of this highly anticipated Balker-Miles bout the main support instead see Dunstable’s Mark ‘Pee Wee’ Adams take on Guildford’s Louis Byrne.

Adams has the reputation of being something of a knockout artist, having won seven of his ten wins on the unlicensed circuit by KO. However Byrne is as savvy as they come and knows how to stay out of trouble when needs be.

All four rounds were closely contested, so close that I personally scored two of the rounds even. The action was nonstop both protagonists taking turns to attack. There were no real outstanding exchanges, just first class boxing from the pair, much to the crowds delight. At the end of the bout the referee raised Adam’s hand in victory. I’m not sure of the margin as Adam’s huge support were so loud I couldn’t hear the result!

As I have previously stated Olivia had put together a stacked card featuring the cream of London and Home Counties fighters. There were some seriously great fights, like Weise-Fox, Adams-Ziausys and Woodgate-Monteith, that really deserve a much more in-depth report than I can give due to space constraints, I only hope that my short reports below get across just how good these fights were, as were every other bout on the night, just those three, and Billy Cayzer’s performance, really were exceptional.


Fox was originally due to fight Weise’s TKO Gym mate Sam Standing, but due to him coming in a whooping fifteen pounds over the weight limit some quick switching of opponents came into to play.

Weise made his welcome return, after eighteen months out due to a near career ending shoulder injury, to the ring in some style.

Weise took the fight to Fox right from the opening bell, he danced around Fox picking him off with beautiful crisp jabs. Fox would respond, but more often than not without much effect as Weise would have moved out of range.

Both the first and second rounds were more or less a pure boxing exhibition by Weise, with Fox have limited success in return. Round three see Weise step up a gear, utilising his packed arsenal punches to full effect.

For the final round Weise really went to town and a stoppage win looked on the cards. About midway through the round Fox found himself corralled against the ropes. Weise clinically took him apart, landing massive double handed shots to the body and head. The combinations thrown were crisp and effective. Fox was in serious trouble and Weise looked formidable.

Surprisingly Weise never went in for the kill instead he played with Fox like a cat with a mouse until the final bell and secure a tidy 40-36 points victory.

On any other show this would easily be the Fight of the Night, but there was one that just pipped it.


Both the first rounds see Luton’s Michael ‘The Real Chunky’ Devine out class Trowbridge’s ‘Dirty’ Dan Carr. Throughout the rounds Devine was divine (I know I used this in a previous report on him, but he was). He picked his shots and executed them perfectly, even when Carr would use his patented bullying tactics. Devine easily controlled the often wild and erratic Carr with ease to take both rounds.

Round three was another cracking round in similar ilk to the previous two, marred only by ‘Dirty’ Dan’s deciding to let rip with one more shot well after the final bell.

After receiving a good talking to from the referee Carr went on the attack big time. Devine kept his cool utilising his jab to keep the ever advancing Carr at arms length, before stepping forward to let rip with yet another heavy hook or straight right.

Midway through Devine had had enough and instead stood his ground and slugged it out toe to toe before lithely stepping back and letting rip with a massive overhand right whistled by Carr’s ear. If that had landed it would surely have been lights out for Carr. Devine returned to his previous tactics to see the fight out. No surprise when the score card was read out, 40-37 in favour of Michael Devine.


The replacement opponent for Plumstead’s Sam Standing, with Aaron Fox being pulled for being fifteen pounds over the weight limit, was West Ham’s Johnny Greaves.

Greaves must have been mightily peeved at being called in at late notice as he went for it hammer and tongs right from the start. Standing kept a cool head to outbox the ever charging Greaves at bay.

Throughout the bout Greaves would try to bully and push his younger opponent, but Standing stuck to his game plan and boxed beautifully to take the victory by a tidy 40-37 points.


Prior to the start of the bout there was a minute’s silence in remembrance to Ali Adams’ Father who passed away last month. After which London based Iraqi Adams said he was dedicating the fight to his late Father.

Adams, who was a previous quarter finalist in Prizefighter – Heavyweights, rocketed from his corner as the bell rang and landed a massive right that sent the Lithuanian reeling back to the ropes. Adams stepped forward and continued the assault. Ziausys returned some heavy shots of his own in a vein attempt to stop the ever forward rolling Adams juggernaut.

For the full four rounds Ziausys attempted to stand his ground as Adams showcased his fully loaded Arsenal of punches. So often the crowd jumped to their feet shouting Ali, Ali, Ali, as Adams set about the Lithuanian, you could have been forgiven in thinking that you were at a Muhammad Ali fight in the sixties. Mind you Adams’ performance was not that different to one of those by ‘The Greatest’ himself.

No surprise then that Adams takes the win by a shutout 40-36 points victory or that this fight gets my award as the Fight of the Night.


Another Fight of the Night contender featured Minster, Kent’s Dan ‘Woody’ Woodgate against the very, very tough battler Sabie Monteith.

After a fairly slow start the fight soon turned into outright war, after Monteith made his intentions crystal clear late in the first round by letting rip with a huge roundhouse, which if it landed had that much force it would have been lights out for Woodgate for sure.

Woodgate made a mental note and then proceeded to punish Monteith fully, for the rest of the first round and the following three Woodgate. The punishment was dealt out in formidable style. As the rounds progressed it was clear these two just didn’t like each other and in the fourth and final round, which has to be Round of the Night, was plain mayhem – think Gatti-Ward and you’ll have an idea just how good this round was. I loved it.

At the end of four bloody, for Moneith who had been cut in the third round by a vicious right hand, rounds Woody was rewarded by a much deserved shutout 40-36 points victory.

Prior to the Woodgate-Monteith bout promoter Olivia Goodwin was joined in the ring by ‘Magnificent’ Kevin Mitchell, outstanding Light Middleweight prospect Erick ‘The Eagle’ Ochieng and cancer sufferer Jamie Woods.

Erick spoke briefly about his upcoming English title challenge whilst Kevin spoke about his date with destiny against John Murray on July 9th as well as of his friend Jamie who is battling cancer. After which Jamie received a standing ovation from the assembled crowd.

Erick and Kevin were not the only local stars in the audience, so were former European Bantamweight Champion Ian ‘Dappa’ Napa, Scott and Vinny Woolford, Southern Area Cruiserweight Champion Leon ‘Solid’ Williams, undisputed (WBA,IBF, WBC) Welterweight Champion Lloyd Honeyghan, Featherweight prospect ‘Saint’ George Jupp and many many more.


OK, now back to the action.


Tooting’s Danny Dontchev was really fired up for the bout against Mitcham’s Danny ‘Cassius’ Connor, no testing the waters in this one, Dontchev went straight on the attack. However Connor wasn’t fazed one iota and stuck to his game plan and boxed his way out of trouble.

Connor, who recently got his first pro-win over Duane Grimes, has really come on a pace and endeavoured to control the hard charging Dontchev with crisp sharp jabs and superior movement.

As the rounds went on Dontchev became increasingly frustrated at being so easily picked off, by the relatively inexperienced Connor, and started to let rip with massive bombs. The only problem was most didn’t reach the target, Connor would move fluidly around him and pick him off with either sharp jabs or a double handed flurry.

Saying that I found it hard to score most of the rounds as they were just too close to call and I wasn’t too surprised when the score was read out as 40-38 in favour of Connor, but Dontchev clearly was as he raised his arms to mock the decision and then proceeded to parade around the ring to receive the plaudits of the crowd.


Chelsea’s excellent Kris Agyei-Dua got his third pro outing off to a cracking start.and dominated Treharris’ Luke Osman throughout the first round. in the second round Osman took the fight to Agyei-Dua, which suited him just fine. The pair often just stood toe to toe slugging in out much to the crowd’s delight.

The third and fourth rounds was more of the same, with control passing back and forth. Osman would push forward, occasionally backing Agyei-Dua on to the ropes, before letting rip with double handed exocets. Problem for Osman was that Agyei-Dua would duck and weave before letting rip with solid right hand counter punches.

It was a cracking fight that came so close to be included in my Fight of the Night shortlist and I have to admit I wasn’t surprised that it was a closely scored bout, 39-38 in favour of Agyei-Dua, as it was a fairly evenly fought bout.


Stoppage of the Night award has to go to debuting Billy Cayzer, for his magnificent performance and exceptional finishing, over Tamworth’s Matt Seawright,

There’s not much to say on this, except to praise the eighteen year old for his mature performance and clinical punching. For two minutes and fifty nine seconds young Cayzer dealt with the hard charging veteran with ease and the finish, well what can I say but it was the most vicious left hook to the body, and it was no surprise that the referee instantly waved the fight off as it was clear Seawright was in no condition to continue.


In his short career nineteen year old Brett O’Callaghan doesn’t seem to get many breaks, on his debut back in December he had a last minute switch of opponent and got the highly experienced Billy Smith, on Saturday he got yet another seasoned pro to contend with in Nottingham’s Matt Scriven.

The Scriv was in no mood to give the youngster from Holloway an easy night and went to work hard and fast. O’Callaghan though is as savvy as they come and played the long game with neat jabs and clever footwork.

O’Callaghan remained cool, calm and collected throughout, The Scriv just couldn’t wind him up, and into a slugging match, no matter how hard he tried, O’Callaghan just stuck to his game plan and his boxing was pure artistry. No surprise that the referee scored this one as a shutout 40-36 points win for young Brett O’Callaghan.

I have to make a quick comment as the report just doesn’t get across just how good young Brett O’Callaghan is. In my between rounds notes I praised him so highly for his exceptional boxing, and rightly so.

I have to say I believe that I am lucky enough to be watching a young man who is going to become one of the biggest stars in the sport in a few years. I really feel this kid can go all the way to the top, he has it all plus he has the world class team of Alec Wilkey and Johnny Eames guiding him.


Yet another fight that on any other night would be right up there on my Fight of the Night contenders list. Mind you every fight I’ve seen Woolwich’s Eder Kurti in is a real cracker. On Saturday Kurti had Scuntrhorpe’s Jody Meikle to contend with, no easy fight this for sure.

The first round was a closely fought affair, neither really going to town as both protagonists were clearly sizing the other up.

Round two and three were something else altogether though as they both really livened up. They went at each other hammer and tongs, Meikle turned up the wick first, and promptly must have regretted it as Kurti doesn’t mess around. A full scale war ensued which produced some of the best exchanges of the night, as well as some of the scrappiest.

The final round was all Kurti for me, don’t get me wrong Meikle was in there just Kurti was magnificent. He was picking his punches and landing them at will. He pulled out every weapon from his extensive Arsenal and used them to maximum effect. Body shots, hooks, uppercuts and some sensational combinations. I was surprised that this fight went the distance as Kurti landed a couple of massive left hands that would have stopped most, just Meikle one tough cookie.

No surprise again with the scoring – 39-37 in favour of Eder Kurti.


The opening bout of the night see Peckham’s Diego Burton debut against Brighton’s Iain Jackson.

Not surprisingly the first round see both lads sizing each other up, some nice work from both but I couldn’t really split them so scored the round a draw.

After taking instruction from James Cook Burton came out in the second fired-up and proceeded to exert his authority with some cracking body shots. Jackson learns quickly and resorted to his jab to keep Burton at bay, but in my view too late to prevent Burton taking the round.

The tables turned in round three as Jackson turned up the pressure on the new boy to easily take the round.

A lot of back and forth action took place in the fourth and final round, personally I thought Burton had just done enough to take the round but as the referee scored the bout a draw I assume he didn’t.

All in all it was excellent night of boxing, jam packed with drama, excitement and top class boxing. Olivia may only be twenty years old but this girl really knows how to put a show on.

Afterwards I managed to catch up with Olivia Goodwin, who said, “To be honest I thought it was a cracking night, we ended up with thirteen bouts instead of the planned sixteen bouts, so we only lost three bouts which I think was absolutely tremendous because you normally lose a lot more than that.

Everything went to plan, every bout was absolutely brilliant and exciting. Their was not a down point except in the last fight with Ryan Barrett, which was very sad and obviously didn’t go to plan as we wanted. It seemed that Ryan had the upper hand but obviously things can change in a second in boxing. Unfortunately he went down and couldn’t get up. But other than that it had been absolutely electric.

The support that the boys bought with them tonight has been out of this world, I’d like to thank them all for bringing their fans and selling the tickets to make this night such a special one.

I am off to such an amazing start and all I want to do is improve and improve and get my shows bigger and bigger, and I want all my boys to come with me.”

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Barrett-Munika Weights And Quotes

by on Jun.03, 2011, under Buzz

Geoffrey Munika and Ryan Barrett come face to face for the first time - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Barrett-Munika Weights And Quotes

Earlier today the weigh-in for the Ryan Barrett versus Geoffrey Munika for the International Masters Lightweight title took place at the TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town.


Ryan Barrett – 9st 8lbs 13oz

“Yeah the weight’s bang on, I’m under the 9-9 limit.

Training’s been going perfect, Bob, John, my Dad got me in good shape. I can’t complain with anything.

Let’s hope this’ll be as quick as the Alexander fight again.”

Geoffrey Munika – 9st 7lbs 13.5oz – 2nd weigh-in (9st 0lbs 2oz on first weigh-in)

“Tomorrow I’m going to make that title mine. I’m fit, I’m good and I’m so hungry for that title.

I’m going to give him a good fight and I’m going to go back to Africa with my new title.”

Ryan Barrett versus Geoffrey Munika for the International Masters lightweight Title headlines the Olivia Goodwin Main Events promoted ‘Search & Destroy’ event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 4th June 2011.

Tickets, priced £35 (Standard seated) and £50 (Ringside) for the ‘Search and Destroy’ event are still available on-line now at, in person at The TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA . For further information call: 07960 850645

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Ryan Barrett – I Will Still Be Champion On Saturday

by on Jun.02, 2011, under Buzz

Ryan Barrett holds the International Masters belt - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Ryan Barrett – I Will Still Be Champion On Saturday

On September 11th 2010 Ryan ‘Mr Attitude’ Barrett comprehensively destroyed Mark ‘The Flash’ Alexander, in just one minute and thirty six seconds, to be crowned the International Masters Lightweight Champion.

Ryan was clinical in his approach and within that 96 seconds sent the highly rated Alexander to the canvas no less than three times.

This coming Saturday Ryan will return to the York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, to defend his title, against former Kenyan Super Featherweight Champion Geoffrey ‘The Tiger’ Munika, at the Olivia Goodwin Main Events promoted ‘Search & Destroy’ super show.

Ryan’s opponent on Saturday is no mug either, in his career Munika has challenged for various titles, including the WBF World crown. he’s traveled the World challenging many well known stars, include some here in the UK.

A couple of years ago Munika traveled to London, more specifically York Hall, where he challenged current British Light Welterweight Champion Ashley Theopane. Munika may have lost but he took the heavy hitting Theopane the full fight distance.

Just two weeks later Munika was back in action at York Hall, this time against the current British Welterweight Champion Lee Purdy. Munika went one step further this time, holding Purdy to a 57-57 draw.

Three months later Munika returned to the UK to face two-time British Lightweight title challenger John Watson. However this time Munika was less successful and was stopped in the first round.

Out of his last six fights Munika has won four, three by stoppage, had one technical draw, after his opponent was injured, and just the single loss, which is not that different from Ryan, who in his last six outings has five wins, with just the one by stoppage, and a single loss.

Munika’s not the only one to have fought some big British names in his career. Besides Alexander, Ryan has fought Willie Limond, for the WBU Lightweight World title – and if you see that fight you already know some good old home cooking, in Limond’s favour, took place to rob Ryan of that title. Ryan also fought British and Commonwealth champion John Simpson and more famously current WBA Light Welterweight World Champion Amir ‘King’ Khan.

That’s all history now though as, on June 4th, these two battle hardened warriors will go to war on twenty foot by twenty foot of canvas at York Hall, for ten rounds, or less, after which one of them will be crowned the International Masters Lightweight Champion as well as catapult up the rankings to compete for further championship honours.

Earlier today Ryan explained how the fight with Munika came about, “He (Geoffrey Munika) said he wanted a crack at a big fight, so I spoke to Steve and Olivia and we made the fight.

he doesn’t seem to travel too well, he got stopped by John Watson and lost to Ashley Theopane on points, so I think it’ll be a sturdy test for maybe a few rounds, like when I fought the Croatian and I think it’ll be a middle, late rounds stoppage for me really.

I am certain I will still be Champion on Saturday”

Ryan then went on to talk about his career since the victory over Mark Alexander to lift the coveted International Masters belt, as well as his future aspirations, “It seems that before the Mark Alexander fight everyone was prepared to fight me, but now the phone don’t ring and I just get lumbered with odds and ends really. It was a bad move by me, it definitely scared them all off.

I think that fight made me realise I’d played around for a few years and messed about with it. I’d not trained properly, I’m always fit just never sparred or did my training how it should have been done.

Once Steve (Goodwin) arranged the Alexander fight, it was a meaningful fight, and since then made me realise if I put my mind to it I can do it.

I’d only ever been given half a chance, they’d call me in at two weeks or so notice. The Khan one was five or six days. I never really got to have a fair crack at it. Under Steve I always get a fair crack, sometimes ten weeks to prepare for a fight, like a championship fight.

I’d get to go away, I might go abroad for a couple of weeks and run in the mountains or I get proper sparring in and I get time to prepare for a fight and one opponent, not a chop and change of opponents. It makes a big difference.

At the 9-9 limit I’d fight any of them really, I’d really like the winner of Murray-Rees or Mitchell-Murray or Alex Arthur doesn’t seem to be doing nothing. Any of those guys I’d fight for the British title.

But before that I have the fight on Saturday, once I win that then we can look at one of those other fights.”

Ryan Barrett versus Geoffrey Munika for the International Masters lightweight Title headlines the Olivia Goodwin Main Events promoted ‘Search & Destroy’ event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 4th June 2011.

Tickets, priced £35 (Standard seated) and £50 (Ringside) for the ‘Search and Destroy’ event are available on-line now at, in person at The TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA or from any boxer appearing on the show. For further information call: 07960 850645

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Amateur Star William Cayzer To Pro-Debut On June 4th

by on Jun.01, 2011, under Buzz

William Cayzer in confident mood ahead of June 4th debut - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Amateur Star William Cayzer To Pro-Debut On June 4th

This Saturday William Cayzer’s childhood dream will come true, as the eighteen year old from Eltham in South London is set to make his professional debut at the Olivia Goodwin Main Events promoted ‘Search & Destroy’ event at York Hall in London on June 4th.

An outstanding amateur, young William built an enviable reputation as a future prospect following his beating two of London’s top young stars, George Carman, who is now signed with promoter Frank Warren, and TKO Boxing Gym’s Brett O’Callaghan – who also features on the bill this Saturday.

William’s coach Steve Barrett has gone on record stating that William is not just one of London’s best new prospects but is also a certain future British Champion. High praise indeed coming from such a renowned and respected trainer as Steve, who is the Father and coach of former English Super Featherweight Champion and current International Masters Lightweight Champion Ryan Barrett, who headlines the Search & Destroy event.

Earlier today William took a little time to talk about his upcoming professional debut, “I believe it’s going to go all right. I’m just going to go out there and do what I do and hopefully I’ll bang him out.

As an amateur I always used to go out there and put on a good show. I was always a pro trapped in an amateurs body so yeah I’ve always been like a pro fighter. Every competition I’d gone in for I’d usually come out winning, sometimes second best but usually winning.

Since about the age of fourteen my style has been more suitable to the pros. It’s nonsense the amateur game these days, if your face don’t fit then you aint going nowhere. It’s more who you know than what you know.

I’m not a hundred percent who I’ll be fighting yet, there’s a list of fighters and we’re just waiting to have a little pick on who the opponent will be. I’m not fussed really, I don’t mind who it is, I’m going to win.”

William Cayzer versus Matt Seawright will be part of the fifteen bout undercard supporting the Ryan Barrett – Geoffrey Munika International Masters lightweight Title fight at the Olivia Goodwin Main Events promoted ‘Search & Destroy’ event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 4th June 2011.

Tickets, priced £35 (Standard seated) and £50 (Ringside) for the ‘Search and Destroy’ event are available on-line now at, in person at The TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA or from any boxer appearing on the show. For further information call: 07960 850645

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Teenager O’Callaghan Gets Another Stern Test, Faces Scriven on 4th June

by on May.31, 2011, under Buzz

Brett O'Callaghan in action against Billy Smith on his debut - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Teenager O’Callaghan Gets Another Stern Test, Faces Scriven on 4th June

This Saturday Islington teenage boxer Brett O’Callaghan makes his second professional outing, against the experienced Nottingham battler Matt Scriven, at the Olivia Goodwin Main Events promoted ‘Search & Destroy’ event at the York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on the 4th June 2011.

O’Callaghan endured a real baptism of fire on his 4th December debut, which fell just one day after his nineteenth birthday. Not only was his opponent switched at the last minute from Gary Cooper, a relatively inexperienced fighter, to the one hundred and one fight veteran Billy Smith, but he also badly damaged his hand early on in the fight.

The youngster showed maturity beyond his tender years by controlling his much older opponent with fast hands and solid jabs. As the fight moved into to the second half Smith tried to bully the younger O’Callaghan back onto the ropes without success as the savvy youth used smart footwork and his solid jabs to keep Smith at bay and earn a tidy 39-37 points victory.

Early in May, after months of physiotherapy to a damaged knuckle ligament at the London Hand Clinic, O’Callaghan returned to full training under the tutorledge of Alec Wilkey, at the TKO Boxing Gym in Canning Town, to prepare for his upcoming showdown with Scriven.

Following a training session earlier O’Callaghan spoke briefly on the injury and his upcoming fight, “My first fight was against Billy Smith in December, I won it but tore a ligament in my knuckle. I’ve been having physio since then and it’s all good now. My hands better now so I can’t wait for June 4th.

I’ve not seen Matt Scriven fight before but there’s a few guys here at the gym that have fought him, so I’ve been getting some good advice that should help me on the night.

Alec (coach Alec Wilkey) and myself been working on some things. Training’s been going really well, I feel strong. Stronger and sharper than I did before my first fight.

Sparring’s been really good, been sparring Erick Ochieng, Nathan Weise and Danny Connor. Yeah, sparring’s been really good.

I’m really looking forward to Saturday, it’s going to be a great show. It’s been six months since I fought so I’m going to enjoy every minute of the fight. Hopefully at the end I’ll have my second win.”

Brett O’Callaghan versus Matt Scriven will be part of the fifteen bout undercard supporting the Ryan Barrett – Geoffrey Munika International Masters lightweight Title fight at the Olivia Goodwin Main Events promoted ‘Search & Destroy’ event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 4th June 2011.

Tickets, priced £35 (Standard seated) and £50 (Ringside) for the ‘Search and Destroy’ event are available on-line now at, in person at The TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA or from any boxer appearing on the show. For further information call: 07960 850645

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Dan Woodgate – Someone’s In Trouble On June 4th

by on May.30, 2011, under Buzz

Dan Woodgate ready for 4th June - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Dan Woodgate – Someone’s In Trouble On June 4th

Minster, Kent’s exciting Light Heavyweight prospect Dan ‘Woody’ Woodgate is set for his fifth professional outing, at the Olivia Goodwin Main Events promoted ‘Search & Destroy’ event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 4th June 2011.

Classy and slick are words that come to mind to describe Woodgate’s performance on his last outing, against Newark’s Jamie Norkett in Dagenham back in March. From start to finish Woodgate dominated proceedings and in the later rounds looked as if he could have finished the fight at will, having rocked the durable Norkett on various occasions.

Earlier today Woodgate spoke briefly about the March fight and his upcoming bout on June 4th, “My last fight went really well, just as planned. I’d picked up an injury with the first punch of the third round, my left shoulder went and I couldn’t lift my left arm properly.

I thought it was going to be really noticeable, I just couldn’t get it back. After that happened I think I started boxing better. I started bringing my right hand into play, and uppercuts and made it easy for myself really.

He was a good tough lad. I knew I would never have stopped him with one hand so there wasn’t any point in trying to go for it in the last round. I knew I was winning so just carried on with the good boxing and didn’t take any chances.

Not a clue who I’m fighting yet, not too worried. I was chatting with Steve Goodwin and said to him my training camp started a couple of weeks ago and I’m already feel like I’m a month ahead of myself to where I was last time.

Fitness wise I’m in a lot better position this time. Whereas last time I was living out of hotels and wasn’t able to eat properly, obviously because I didn’t have cooking facilities.

I feel a lot better in myself, lot healthier, lot fresher and I think I’m punching a lot harder. Basically on June 4th you’re going to see the same Dan Woodgate, just a little bit better I think. I don’t try to change too many things, I believe if something works just stick with it.

I’ve got a new trainer, I’ve been with him six months now. I go up to training camp with him and learn something new so obviously you’ll see different things but style wise it’ll be the same Dan Woodgate.

Better punching, bigger punching Dan Woodgate so I think someone’s in trouble on June 4th.”

Dan ‘Woody’ Woodgate, against a yet to be named opponent, will be part of the fifteen bout undercard supporting the Ryan Barrett – Geoffrey Munika International Masters lightweight Title fight at the Olivia Goodwin Main Events promoted ‘Search & Destroy’ event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 4th June 2011.

Tickets, priced £35 (Standard seated) and £50 (Ringside) for the ‘Search and Destroy’ event are available on-line now at, in person at The TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA or from any boxer appearing on the show. For further information call: 07960 850645

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Byrne Notice – Big Hitting Adams Set For Tough Debut on June 4th

by on May.26, 2011, under Buzz

Mark Adams ready for June 4th debut - Photo Gianluca (Rio) Di Caro

Byrne Notice – Big Hitting Adams Set For Tough Debut on June 4th

Burnt Oak Middleweight Mark Adams is on the verge of having his childhood dream of being a professional boxer come true. As 25 year old Adams is set to pro-debut against Guildford’s tough battler Louis Byrne at the Olivia Goodwin Main Events promoted ‘Search & Destroy’ event at York Hall in Bethnal Green on Saturday 4th June 2011.

Some ten years ago a rather unfit and overweight, weighing in at a whooping fifteen stone, fifteen year old Mark stepped into the boxing gym for the very first time, and loved it. So much so that by time his sixteenth birthday came around Mark had not only lost all his excess weight but was just a few weeks away from undertaking his first boxing match.

Adams opted to fight on the unlicensed boxing circuit, as the style was more akin to the pro ranks, than go the increasingly technical amateur route. A choice that see him win all ten of his fights, seven by way of stoppage, as well as win various titles and tournaments.

His exciting all action style, and his indisputable punching power, soon made Adams one of the biggest draws on the local unlicensed circuit. It also attracted the increasing attention of pro boxing aficionados, who suggested he should think about becoming a pro-licensed fighter.

The increasing lure of a pro career, fueled by the constant praises from local pro boxing fans, lead to discussions with his coach and the decision was made to successfully apply for a pro-boxing license.

Earlier today Adams took a little time to talk about his boxing career to date as well as his transition to the pro ranks, “Yeah, I’m debuting on June 4th. I’ll be fighting Louis Byrne.

I used to do unlicensed boxing, I didn’t really do amateurs, I now regret that, I wish I’d gone into the amateurs, yeah I regret that I’ve done unlicensed and not amateurs, but it classes as experience.

Saying that unlicensed is more like professional boxing than amateurs, which is completely different.

I had ten fights, had seven knock outs, all wins though. I took the British titles, Southern Area title and I won the Prizefighter in it as well. I had some good fights, some tough fights, but that’s what you train for, tough fights.

I’m looking forward to June 4th, I’ve trained hard. Training for the pros is a little different to the unlicensed, not much though as it’s mainly fitness. Unlicensed is two minute rounds, now I’m going into threes.

I’ve noticed that now I’m a professional people respect me more, like people buy tickets of me now where before they didn’t want to come and watch unlicensed. So it’s a good thing now I’ve gone pro, for myself, my family and everything.

Mark ‘Pee Wee’ Adams versus Louis Byrne will be part of the fifteen bout undercard supporting the Ryan Barrett – Geoffrey Munika International Masters lightweight Title fight at the Olivia Goodwin Main Events promoted ‘Search & Destroy’ event at York Hall in Bethnal Green, London on Saturday 4th June 2011.

Tickets, priced £35 (Standard seated) and £50 (Ringside) for the ‘Search and Destroy’ event are available on-line now at, in person at The TKO Boxing Gym, Gillian House, Stephenson Street, Canning Town, London E16 4SA or from any boxer appearing on the show. For further information call: 07960 850645

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